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Riese & Muller


We're excited to be one of Riese and Müller's US dealers. Their philosophy is quite compatible with ours: produce high quality bikes and give customers options to customize their ride. Cargo bike buyers can select from two models (Load and Packster),  three cargo box lengths on the Packster, cargo build out (box, platform, covers), high-torque or high-speed e-systems, dual or single batteries, and color. That's the customization that nets you a bike built to fit your needs, and that means you'll get the most out of your cargo bike.

We keep some R & M cargo bikes in stock, ready to sell, so contact us and we can tell you what's available. We'll also be offering free special orders. R & M produces so many options with each model, and with a special order purchase you can choose the options that fit your style and your bike will be built to order! We'll start by showing you the Packster, scroll down to see the Load.

R & M provides many options for each of their bike models. That means most customers prefer to special order a bike that includes the all of the features they want. That means you get exactly the bike you want, rather than what we have in stock. HOWEVER, several models have proven to be very popular, and we try to keep those models in stock.

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Riese & Muller Packster

Packster 40, Packster 60, & Packster 80

R & M Packster cargo bikes feature:

  • low stand-over height
  • long cargo deck (option)
  • wide tires-2.4" wide on stock bike
  • front suspension
  • Bosch e-assist systems including the High Speed system and Dual Battery upgrade options.
  • E-bike head and tail lights
  • hydraulic disc brakes


The Packster is available with two drivetrain options: Shimano Deore 10-speed or Nuvinci N380 with Gates belt drive. Each of those options also provides Bosch system choices so you can get the optimal balance of speed, torque, and price-point on the bike you select.

Three Cargo area lengths:


Two Bosch motor options:

Choose either  Bosch Performance CX - speed limit 20mph and max 75nm torque or Bosch Performance Speed - speed limit 28mph and max 60nm torque. Packster models with this system will have the HS designation.

Dual Battery option - add $1059

Riese & Müller is doubling the range of its E-Bikes with dual battery technology – in other words, by adding a second battery. This steps up battery capacity to 1,000 watt hours. Using a charger, both batteries can be charged at the same time. Depending on your needs, you can also use just one battery to go on a ride. The second battery is mounted beneath the loading surface in order to attain a low center of gravity, which has a positive impact on the riding characteristics. Its dual battery technology puts Riese & Müller at the top of its class in terms of riding range.

Packster 40 Models Starting at $6219

Packster 60 Models starting at $6329

Packster 80 Models starting at $6439

Dual Battery: add $1059

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Packster Accessories

Accessories from R & M and those produced in Portland

Packster 60 & 80 Cargo Accessories

  • Basis Board -wooden cargo deck - $118
  • Basis Box- Simple box - $294  
  • Double Child Seat - $177
  • Full Kids Box - $471 (box and seat) The most valuable cargo anyone can carry is children. Their safety comes first. The Kids Box is made of weather-resistant coated wood and includes: backrest, seat cushions and two seat belts. The sturdy side walls and harness offer a protected seat position and maximum safety in city traffic.
  • Baby Seat Adapter - $153
  • R & M Packster 60 or 80 Tarpaulin-$177
  • R & M Child Cover rain canopy for Packster 60 Kid Box - $294

Packster 40 Cargo Accessories

  • Box - $177
  • Carry System - $236
  • Glove compartment - $106
  • Child Seat - $177
  • Tarpaulin - $106


Locally Made Accessories for R & M Packsters

Blaq Paks Rain Canopy for Packster 80 - $425

For more headroom, the Blaq Paks canopy is the ticket! Lots of room for older kids and an added bonus of a windshield for the rider's hands.

Note: Blaq Canopies are not recommended in strong crosswinds.

Triple Badger Box for Packster 80

Alloy for R & M Pack 80.jpg

Local box builder Jeff has created one of the biggest cargo boxes we've seen. It fits the Packster 80 and is triple wide! Carry three kids or five! This is a party on wheels for your wee ones!

Packster Triple with shoulder harness for 3 kids - $900

Add front seat with 2 more shoulder harnesses - $150

As shown in video (Box with seats and harness for 5) $1050

Blaq Rain Canopy for Packster 80  R & M box or Badger Box - $425

Note: Blaq Canopies are not recommended in strong crosswinds.

Nomad Locking Alloy Box for Packster 80

Super lightweight but well-built. This locking, waterproof box is made to fit the deck of the Packster 80.  Powder coat matte finish is perfect for branding with your company logo. Designed and made in Portland, Oregon, by the good folks at Nomad Cargo. $1500

R & M Load 008cc.jpg

Riese & Muller Load

Where full-suspension and cargo bikes meet!

Like the Packster, a do-it-all cargo bike with one of the smoothest rides you'll find on ANY bike. Front and rear suspension make the Load a dreamy smooth bike to ride. With lots of options to choose from you can create your perfect cargo bike.

Models Starting at $7019

Add Dual Battery - $1059

Load Cargo Accessories:

  • Low sidewalls (inside) $94
  • Low sidewalls (outside) $106
  • High sidewalls - $177
  • High sidewalls with tarpaulin - $295
  • Baby seat attachment - $153
  • Childseat - $189
  • Childseat cover $294
  • Folding Box - $165
  • Cargo cover - $294
  • Rear rack - $153
We have Packster and Load demo bikes in stock, come by for a test ride before you buy.