We have experience shipping cargo bikes and electric bikes!

If you don't have a local dealer with the cargo or e-bike you're dreaming of, we may be able to help. And shipping may be easier and cheaper than you think.

Our Shipping Special offers affordable flat-rate shipping on fully assembled bikes to most US destinations.

Ask us if the bike you're buying qualifies for our shipping special. If it doesn't, don't worry. We have surprisingly affordable shipping rates for our customers in the continental United States. All bikes ship fully assembled and are packed with care in a jumbo shipping carton.

Upon arrival, and once the packing material has been removed, the bike is literally ready to ride out of the box. All you'll need to do  is recycle the cardboard, or help the kids make an awesome playhouse!

A customer's bike is carefully prepared for shipping.

A customer's bike is carefully prepared for shipping.

All bikes, whether cargo bike framesets or complete bikes, are too large to ship with package carriers (UPS/FedEx) so we'll ship to you using a freight carrier. Yup, that means a semi truck will be pulling up to your door to unload. No worries though, the boxes are not heavy, just big, and usually only require 2 people to unload. But, it does mean that you are required to be at your shipping address when the bike arrives. We'll provide you with tracking information once your bike ships so you can track your bike as it heads to its new home.

To see what delivery of a big bike in a big box looks like, take a look Dozer's video about the arrival, unpacking, and recycling of packing materials for a Bullitt cargo bike.

Shipping Special

We're currently offering discounted shipping rates on Cargo Bikes and E-bikes to many US locations!*

Special Rates:

Any Larry vs Harry Bullitt frame or complete bike ships for $99 to Western US, $199 to Eastern US (regular rates range from $200-$500)

Shipping map.jpg

All other bikes , ship for $199 to Western US, $299 to Eastern US (see map at left)

*Offer limitations include:

  1. Good only for destinations in the continental USA.

  2. Some restrictions may apply to some brands based on our dealer agreement with the manufacturer.

  3. Bullitt cargo bikes shipping special not available in areas serviced by Splendid Cycles' affiliate shops. We encourage you to support your local Bullitt dealer and show them you appreciate their commitment to cargo bikes. Shipping Special does not apply to Bullitt cargo bikes shipping to the following areas:

  • Seattle/Tacoma WA metro area

  • Bend/Central OR

  • San Francisco Bay Area, CA (SF Penninsula, Northern San Mateo County, East Bay counties)

  • Boise, Idaho

  • Madison WI area

  • Denver, CO area

Shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, and International Destinations

Shipments to Hawaii and Alaska are possible but do not qualify for our Shipping Special. Most HI and AK customers use ocean shipping which we are not able to arrange. However, we can ship to any port (based on the Shipping Special rates) and provide packing specifications to you so you can get a shipping estimate for the transport from the lower 48.

If you're located outside of the US,  we don't have the expertise to know the details of shipping to every country so we ask you to work with a freight forwarding company. Usually that entails us shipping to that company (located in the Continental USA) and they handle the exporting aspects of the shipment. If you need more information, please send us an email and we'll help as much as we are able.