Taking Care of Your Splendid Bike

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It starts even before you take your bike home. In fact, it starts even before the bike arrives at Splendid Cycles. We select bikes built with quality frames and components from companies that care about the end user (You!). By having high quality standards for the bikes we stock, you get a bike that's reliable, durable, and repairable.

We take extra care to make sure that your bike is built correctly.  With a system of checks and double-checks, attention to small details, and year's of experience, you can be sure your bike is in tune when it rolls out our door. Our mechanics attend professional training seminars and work hard to stay current and knowledgeable about new technology. Because we are not a full service repair shop (we primarily repair just those bikes we sell) our mechanics are able to focus on taking care of our customers needs.

Complimentary Service

We provide a complimentary tune-up on each bike we sell. It's normal for new bikes to experience a break-in period. During that time, cables or spokes break-in and you may notice how things are working. Perhaps your shifting is not as crisp as it was the day you picked up your bike. Perhaps you  hear a new squeak. That's pretty normal for a new bike. That's why we provide a complimentary tune-up to readjust the bike after that break-in period. Typically, that happens in about 300 miles. It may be sooner, or slight later. But around that time, or if you notice changes that are cause concern, your bike is ready for a new bike tune-up. We can work with you to arrange a convenient time to adjust and check over your bike, just give us a call at 503-954-2620.

Regular Maintenance

The components on your bike are similar to those found on any quality bike. Many of our bikes have fairly low-maintenance components but that does NOT mean no-maintenance. How often you schedule maintenance depends on how often your ride, and the conditions in which you ride. Ignoring regular maintenance may cost you more in the long run so taking care of you bike pays off. We are happy to check the condition of your bike at any time during our regular business hours. Here's a short list of items to watch:

Use a lube formulated for bicycles on your chain.

Use a lube formulated for bicycles on your chain.

  1. Tire pressure. Not only will under-inflated tires be less efficient, they are also more prone to punctures. Check your tire pressure weekly with a tire gauge or bike pump gauge. A recommended pressure can be found on the tire’s sidewall. If you aren’t sure what the proper pressure is for your bike tire, just ask.

  2. Chain. Keep your chain properly cleaned and lubed for easier pedaling and longer chain life. Daily riders should wipe down and lube their chain on a weekly basis.

  3. Check brake pads for wear. Excessively worn disc brake pads can damage rotors. For many cargo bikes, brake pads should be checked every 500-700 miles. They may get more mileage than that but it is important to keep an eye on brake pad wear so checking too soon is better than checking too late. Unsure how to check? Just stop by and we’ll take a look.

  4. Check chain and tire wear every 1500-2000 miles. Replacing the chain prior to excessive wear will lengthen the life of your cassette or freewheel cogs. We've seen some of the tires we stock get thousands of miles. In fact we have one customer who rode 10,000 miles on a pair of tires. However, checking them on a regular basis will help you avoid problems if damage or wear has occurred. Chains wear and if they wear too much, can also wear cassettes and chainrings. Checking your chain will help lengthen the life of those other parts thus saving you money in the long run.

  5. Listen. If you hear a new noise while riding, ask questions! Bikes should be quiet and any noise that pops up should be investigated ASAP.

E-bike Care

E-bikes have lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries. They are the same battery technology your find in your lap top or cell phone, but larger. All Li-ion batteries have a limited life span. Whether you use them or not, they discharge and over time (5-7 years) will need to be replaced. Here are some tips for taking care of, and optimizing your battery's life span:

  1. Remember to recharge your battery every month or when it is at, or less than 50% charged; and every 3 months at minimum. Always charge a fully discharged battery, especially prior to storage.

  2. Batteries should be stored at room temperature. Avoid storing in extreme cold, hot, or direct sunlight.

  3. Never force your battery onto the dock. It should slide on smoothly.

  4. Learn basic trouble-shooting, for the system on your bike. Your user manual will provide some basics for you. Don’t know what you should know? Ask us.

  5. Ideally, let your battery cool/warm to room temp before charging.

  6. Always turn the system off before removing any part of the e-assist system (battery, console & on BionX rear wheel).

  7. Always make sure your battery is locked securely when using your bike.


Repair Services

With a specialty niche of cargo bikes and electric assist bikes, our service capabilities focus in that area.  If you bought a bike from us, we are here to help you keep your bike in top condition.

We're incredibly proud of our mechanics. Not only do they bring years of experience working on bikes, they also are pros at communicating. That means they'll be able to work with you to determine what service your bike needs, and make sure you understand the details of the work they perform.

If you'd like to bring your bike in for service, contact us to set up an appointment.

Warranty Service

Warranty issues are rare but can happen. Fortunately, all of the brands we work with provide solid warranties on their product. We also stand behind the products we sell. We've provided links to some warranty information below, and if you read through them you'll see that labor costs for repairs are not included in manufacturer's warranties. However, for bikes purchased from us, it is our policy to keep charge labor costs for diagnosis and repair to a minimum for  items covered under warranty.

Read more about the manufacturer's warranties:

Bike Security

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You've invested in a quality bike so it's important to protect it from theft.

Register your bike

While there is no bike registry in Portland there is an option for registering your bike: Bike Index. Bike Index provides a place to record all of the information you'd need to reference if your bike is stolen and it is FREE. We highly recommend listing as much information as possible, including your serial number and a current photo of your bike (not the manufacturer's stock photo).

Theft prevention

Keep your bike safe by locking it properly, not leaving it in sight from the street overnight (even if locked), and using the best lock you can afford. Even if you're on a budget, NEVER (EVER) use a cable lock. Did we say NEVER use a cable lock? There's an overview of our favorite locks near the bottom of our Bike Customizations page. We're happy to share our protocols for locking bikes, so ask if you want specifics that are best for your bike. For more info about theft prevention, the fine folks at the City of Portland have great tips and advise.

Theft Insurance

Every insurance policy is different so check with your agent to confirm whether or not your bike is covered under your homeowner's or renter's insurance policy. Many companies do not cover e-bikes so make sure you have the coverage you want before you need to file a claim.