Riese & Muller Bikes IN STOCK!

Last Updated: May 19, 2018

Riese & Muller is an amazing bike manufacturer and their commitment to custom orders is one of the reasons we are an R & M dealer. Their custom order process allows you to choose from a menu of features on each model they produce, creating the perfect bike for you. Splendid Cycles keeps several models available as demo bikes. These bikes are reserved for test rides so that customers can experience the variety of models and features available, then order their perfect bike.

However, several models are popular enough, and in high demand, that we order models to sell too. The following two list will help you know which models are Available to Purchase, and Demo Bikes are always here ready to test ride. We'll do our best to keep this list up-to-date, but if you see something you'd like to ride or buy, don't hesitate to call to confirm that it's available (503-954-2620)

Available to Purchase

We have a variety of popular models in stock, or on order, and available to purchase. We update our website on a regular basis, but please don't hesitate to call and confirm that the model you want is still available. Unless otherwise noted, models are in stock.


  • Supercharger GT Nuvinci HS PowerTube Dual battery - blue/46cm (arriving May)
  • Supercharger GT Nuvinci HS PowerTubeDual battery - blue/49cm (arriving May)
  • Supercharger GT Nuvinci HS PowerTube Dual battery - blue/53cm (arriving May)
  • New Charger GT Nuvinci HS PowerTube battery - white/46cm (arriving May)
  • New Charger GT Nuvinci HS PowerTube battery- white/49cm (arriving May)
  • Delight GT Nuvinci HS Dual Battery - orange/54 (arriving late April/early May)
  • Charger GT Nuvinci HS Dual Battery - matte black/46cm (arriving late April/early May)
  • Nevo Touring CX - gray /47cm (on SALE - see Specials)
  • Nevo Touring HS - red/56cm
  • Nevo Touring HS - red/47cm
  • Nevo Touring HS - red/43cm

Cargo Bikes:

  • Load Touring HS Dual Battery - blue
  • Packster 80 Touring
  • Packster 60 Nuvinci
  • Packster 40 Touring HS -red

Demo Bikes

Demo bikes are on the floor and ready to test ride. If you'd like to make sure a certain model is available when you visit us, give us a call in advance and we're happy to reserve it for you to test ride.


  • Delight Touring HS - gray/54cm
  • Charger GT Nuvinici HS - blue/49cm
  • Charger Nuvinci HS - white/49cm
  • Roadster Mixte HS- green/45cm
  • Homage Nuvinci - red/49cm
  • Nevo Nuvinci - red
  • Tinker Nuvinci - orange

Cargo Bikes:

  • Load Nuvinci HS - blue
  • Packster 80 Nuvinci
  • Packster 80 Touring
  • Packster 60
  • Packster 40 Nuvinci HS - red

Folding Bikes:

  • Birdie Touring