Bullitt Cargo Bikes From Larry vs Harry


Splendid Cycles has North America's largest inventory of Larry vs Harry Bullitt cargo bikes from Copenhagen, Denmark.

We have dozens of Bullitt cargo bikes in stock!

Whether you're looking for a family bike or a work bike, it's hard to beat a Bullitt!

When it comes to great selection, we aren't messing around!

With Danish ingenuity and superb engineering Bullitt bikes have a unique cargo bike combo of being lightweight (see weights here), easy to ride, and built to last a lifetime. Using modern frame building techniques and the latest Shimano components, Bullitt cargo bikes are a thoroughly modern interpretation of an older and tested bike design originating in Denmark.  With its rigid frame it is especially stable under load.

Why Buy a Bullitt from Splendid Cycles?

Answer: you'll get a bike built to meet your needs. With our 1-2-3 easy steps to building the perfect cargo bike, you choose the fit, and options that match your style. We build most bikes to order so you have the choice of color, components, and cargo.

It also means that a professional mechanic has hand-built your wheels*, and assembled your bike. All built-to-order Bullitts also include several free customization options, such as stem and seatpost length and choice of 5 handlebars. We also have a selection of Portland-built cargo boxes available only through Splendid Cycles and its affiliates. (*The STEPS Bullitt comes complete from the factory so it is an exception and has factory-built wheels.

That means you not only get a high-quality, light-weight (most Bullitts we sell weigh about 70 lbs), durable, and fun-to-ride cargo bike, you also support several small businesses AND at a great value. A ready-to-ride Bullitt with seating for two kids starts as low as $4100! including several extras such as hydraulic disc brakes, Schwalbe Marathon tires, and Slime self-sealing inner tubes. Compare that to other cargo bike brands and you'll see why we're so enthusiastic about these bikes.

Because a Bullitt is so fun to ride, you will be inspired to park that car and ride it every day!  So drop in and check one out, take it for a ride, and see why the Bullitt is Denmark's #1 new cargo bike.

Bullitt - Complete Bike Pricing

External Gearing

Internal gearing


Bullitt Framekits includes: frame, fork, steering column, steering arm, kickstand, 2 FSA headsets, and choice of dropouts style.  - $2400  


Electric-Assist Bullitts

Shimano XT E8000 STEPS

Bullitt with integrated Shimano XT E8000 STEPS e-assist system.  $6700


  • Shimano XT Di2 Electronic shifting,
  • Shimano Zee 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes,
  • Integrated front and rear tail lights too.
  • Fenders
  • Abus wheel lock
  • STEPS E8000 electric assist !!!!!




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