Bullitt Technical Details

Frame material 7005 / T6 heat treated aluminum


Seatpost diameter: 31,6 mm (34.9 seatpost clamp)

Bottom bracket: English thread 68 mm

Stem extension: EasyUp - 100 mm extension

Axle width of front hub: 100 mm

Axle width of rear hub: 135 mm

Brake Details

Maximum sizes of discs: 203mm front / 180mm rear.

Front disc brake cable length: 2350 mm

Rear disc brake cable length: 1400 mm


Front wheel20” - maximum size of front tire is 2.0"
387ERD in combination with a front tire 2.0"/32mm

Rear wheel26” - maximum size of rear tire is 2.0"
536ERD in combination with a rear tire 700Cx32mm


Front: 44/56mm (1.5" / 1" 1/8 tapered) inset

Rear: 1" 1/8th FSA Orbit XL II

Front fork

Steering arm: CroMo with alloy CNC parts.
Fork: CroMo BMX type

Steering rod: CroMo - 713 mm
Balljoint connection to front fork is rubber covered
for improved weather protection.

Kickstand: Reinforced aluminum with replaceable plastic feet

General: All bolts, nuts and washers are stainless steel