Tern GSD

Tern Bicycles is known for it's very popular folding bikes. In fact, they partnered with Xtracycle a couple years to create one of our favorite folding cargo bikes, the Cargo Node. Now, they are jumping into the cargo bike market on their own and we are impressed with the results.

We call the Tern GSD a compact  cargo bike with expansive possibilities! The possibilities exist due to the bike's versatility. It fits riders tall or short in stature, carries wee ones, adults, and lots of stuff. With a capacity for 400 lbs of cargo, a Bosch Performance Line E-assist system, and clever modular cargo accessories, we expect this bike to be a big hit.


The Tern GSD and a full range of GSD accessories will be arriving late Spring 2018.

Since the actual delivery date is still in flux, we're not taking pre-orders BUT if you send us a note, or give us a call, we'd be happy to contact you as soon as our stock arrives.