Bullitt Accessories

Below, you'll find a variety of cargo carrying options, some of which are only available through Splendid Cycles and our affiliates. We stock a full range of kid carrying boxes - handcrafted wood boxes and the elegant Larry vs Harry panels and kids seat. One, two, or three kids wide, all sizes have compatible rain covers available. For those carrying product (not kids) we have roomy, locking, water-tight boxes and Larry vs Harry deck plates. Rolling on your Bullitt with Fido? We've got a solution for that too. Scroll down and see how we can help you move almost anything by bike. Don't see what you're looking for? Just drop us a line and we can tell you what's available.



Holde Box

This basic box is sturdy and versatile fits all Bullitt cargo bikes. Designed and manufactured in Portland, OR, this Baltic birch box includes seating and 3-point harnesses for 2 kids. The modular design means it’s easy to remove the seat or side panels when you need to haul larger loads.

This box is compatible with the Blaq Canopy for Double boxes with the addition of 2 Canopy Blocks.

Holde Box $600

Canopy Blocks - required for Blaq Canopy installation - $25/pair

Holde Box Assembly Instructions


Modern Wood Box

A simple yet functional design you'll love the Modern Wood Box from Badger Bikes. These boxes are also handmade in Portland, OR and features birch wood finish removable padded seats, and shoulder straps for two or three kids. A  custom-made Rain Canopy for this box is available too (see below).

Double - $800                  Triple - $850


Deluxe Wood Box

For an eye-popping Bullitt cargo box and kid carrier we've employed the craftsmanship of Portland artist and unicyclist, Jeff Lauten (Badger Bikes). These boxes have the same dimensions as the double and triple boxes and seats for both sizes are as for the triple wood box. Pick one of three designs: mountain, rose, or fir trees.

In addition to the many artistic touches, this solid box is functional and durable. Each box is constructed from marine-grade plywood and sustainable harvested specialty woods. It weighs under 23 pounds, has removable padded seats, and shoulder straps for two kids (double) or three kids (triple).

A  custom-made Rain Canopy for this box is available too (see below).

Double - $800           Triple - $850


Badger Dog Box

Finally! A box designed with Fido in mind! Box-builder Jeff has modified our time-tested double and triple box designs for those seeking to haul their four-legged friends. The box comes in double or triple box widths and has the same sturdy craftsman construction as our other boxes. A removable door panel in the box’s side allows easy entry and exit for dogs of all sizes. Inside, a padded floor cushion provides comfort and a two security leashes help you to train your dog to stay in the box.

Double $800 Triple $850


Blaq Canopy for Bullitts. 

Providing ample head room for passengers and keeping them protected from wind and rain, this cover is a must in rainy climates. Made in Portland, Oregon, by BLAQ Designs, this canopy uses the design pioneered and made available to us by Joe D. of Joe Bike. The Splendid Rain Canopy is lightweight, tough, and easy to install.

Bullitt Side Panel Canopy- $450

Holde or Double Wood Box Canopy - $400 (Holde box requires canopy blocks $25)

Triple Wood Box Canopy- $425

Installation fee $25

Canopy Installation Instructions for Wood Boxes  (except Holde Box)        

Canopy Installation Instructions for Bullitt Side Panel


Tonneau Cover for Modern Wood Box

Made in Portland, Oregon by Blaq Design, this tough nylon this cover is a rugged as it is versatile. Use it to completely cover the box, keeping contents out of sight and the weather, or open it to the snap to act as a spray skirt for wee passengers on days when a full Rain Canopy is too much.

Tonneau - Double box $180

Tonneau -Triple Box $200



Bullitt Accessories 038.jpg

Bullitt Deck Plate

This accessory is optional when you use any of the box configurations, but mandatory with the lightweight side panels and kids seat.  Made out of aluminum honeycomb sandwiched between aluminum, and covered with a rubberized no skid surface. It is both strong, light and waterproof. $325

Bullitt Side Panels

The Side Panel kit includes two panels, constructed from honeycomb laminate with rubber edging, an back piece and a cordura fabric cover for the whole cargo area to keep everything dry and out of sight. The Bullitt Side Panels are designed to work perfectly with the Honeycomb platform and the foldable Child Seat, providing a slick-looking and safe transportation system for both passengers and cargo. In addition, the side panels are light and actually stiffen the Bullitt a little.  Sid panel colors currently in stock: Milk Plus, Pepper, Submarine, Lizzard King green, (old) pink, Clockwork orange, and Bluebird. - $650

Child Seat

This is a very lightweight and high tech child seat engineered to fit onto the deck plate of your Bullitt. After seeing lots of these in action, we can honestly say it is worth the price; it is well designed and made of very high quality materials. - $350

LvH Complete Child Carrier - $1325

If you want the ultimate sleek child carrying set-up, the LvH Deck Plate, Panel Kit, Child Seat with the addition of a Shoulder harness is ideal for a small family.


Larry vs Harry Canopy

An all-in-one cover that includes a lightweight metal frame covered with zip-open rain  and mesh panels. $700

If you're looking for a great all-in-one kid carrier this is a great system. The canopy covers seat and deck plate (sold separately) with a zip-open rain cover that opens on the sides and the top to allow access or ventilation. Mesh covers protect passengers when the rain cover is open.

This is not a quick off-and-on system so if you plan to carry odd-shaped objects and two larger kids, we do recommend considering one of the wood boxes and Splendid Rain Canopies instead.

Alu Box.png


Locking, water proof cargo box to fit Bullitt decks.
Weight: 15.5 lbs
Material: Aluminum,
Dimensions: 700 x 400 x 520mm/ 135l volume
Note: Without attachment kit. Please be aware that holes require drilling in the bottom for secure attachment, get creative!


E-Bullitt w Convoy box 003.jpg

Convoy Box

Locking, water proof cargo box to fit Bullitt decks. Colors - black and white (call for availability)

Weight: 26.5 lbs
Material: Aluminium
Dimensions: 825 x 430 x 515mm / 140l volume
Note: Attachment kit not included



The bag is fixed to the frame and when stowed away is only three centimeters wide. When expanded the front of the bag straps to the front panel. A waterproof circular zipper opens the bag for cargo. Two Beer crates or four wine cases fits under the cover but, don’t worry it carries lots of non-alcohol items too. The bottom and sides of the Duffel are made of tarpaulin, the upper parts are made of waterproof Cordura.  $350

Fahrer Panel Bags

Add three additional pockets to your BULLIT cargo bike. The bags are constructed of Cordura and the kit includes all hardware needed for installation.  $200


Bullitt Billboard    

Picture  your company logo or custom message on the panel, now that's cost-effective marketing. Available in black or white. $130

Steering Damper for Bullitt (2016 or newer)

Not required, but comes in handy for the heavy duty user, the aggressive rider, or those that frequent hills or pave'. This damping mechanism will add steering stability to your Bullitt. $225

Bullitt Garage

Bullitt garage

Bullitt garage

No Garage. No worries!  This tough but lightweight cover fits panel kit or open deck set-ups; it does not fit well over rear racks. Its straps anchor the cover to each wheel, and a heavy-duty buckle fits under the bottom bracket to assure that the cover protects your bike on even the gustiest days. $225


Not sure which box is right for you? Please let us help you figure out the right solution. We have helped hundreds of cargo bike customers find the perfect cargo bike configuration.