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Whether you're cargo bike or e-bike curious, or already involved, there's lots to know about the bikes we sell. Bicycles are at the same time simple and complex, and cargo bikes and e-bikes are no exception. We've done lots of homework studying cargo bikes and e-bikes and have selected the products which we believe will serve our customers best.  However, if you'd like to add to your knowledge base, we know it can make for enjoyable reading. Here are a few links to suggested reading:

About Splendid Cycles

2016 Best Urban/Lifestyle Bike Shop in USA

2016 Best Urban/Lifestyle Bike Shop in USA

Press about our products

Keep in mind that some of the articles are O.L.D. and that some bike features may have changed since the original publishing date. If you read something that inspires you, or concerns you, ask us about it and whether that feature/issue still exists.

Cargo Bike Info.

E-Bike Information


  • Check out our Flickr page to see more photos of what we've got.

  • We're on Instagram as splendid_cycles

  • We've posted lots of great photos and invite you to join in the conversation on our Facebook page

  • Hans Bullitt Fogh on cargo bikes - short video

  • Some great footage of the LvH Canopy in action

  • View this fun video about a cargo bike tour to Vancouver Island.

  • We love how the Disaster Relief Trials demonstrates the usefulness of cargo bikes. Here's a short video of one of the checkpoints during the 2016 event in Portland, Oregon.