It's a skill, it's an art.


There's a palpable grace demonstrated by hands that love what they do. Witness these hands that have not enough fingers to count, even in multiples of ten, how many times this task has been performed. Habit and ritual and muscular memory all contribute to the art that is wheel building.

It's the ritual of coffee and sugar, shop rags, and a certain perch on the stool;

shop photos 004

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a favorite oil or spoke wrench.

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shop photoss 0011

But the result is some damn good wheels.

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Insisting on handbuilt wheels for our custom bike builds is a matter of pride and a matter of wanting only the best for our customers. We choose quality components, from hubs, to rims, to spokes, then put them in the hands of experienced wheel builders (Tess Velo in these photos) and proudly mount them on your custom-built cargo bike. The resulting wheels are tough, dependable, durable, and sprinkled with the magic that is the art of wheelbuilding. 

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