Made in Portland - Locally-made Cargo Bike Accessories and Necessities


While the reality of sourcing and selling quality cargo bikes requires us to import bikes from across both the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans, we still strive to support other local businesses when we can. We're proud to have developed relationships (and product) with several local craftsmen, all working in the Portland metropolitan area. These local talents put their skills to use to make products for us. We've developed great working relationships them and are having fun creating products for our cargo bike customers.

Efficient Velo Tools (EVT) -Workstand and Tools

Good tools can make a big difference in the quality of a final product. While Splendid hasn't splurged on all new fancy tools we did invest strategically in a few critical tools for the shop; and we turned to EVT for those tools. Brett Fleming is the master behind the tools; an ace mechanic and machinist, we had the good fortune to work with him for many years prior to opening Splendid Cycles. So, we knew that there was only on workstand that would do the job here, and that's the EZ-Lift Workstand. With its lifting assistance we can put heavy cargo bikes into the workstand, raise them to an ergonomic-appropriate height and focus on our work. We literally could not build or repair bikes without it.


BeSpoke Cycle Services - Machinist and Mechanic

Brian Twilley is one of Brett's machinist understudies. He's also one of the top bicycle mechanics in town. We know him as our shop mechanic but when he's not wrenching on bikes here he's working in his shop, honing his fabrication skills. Splendid Cycles has called upon those skills many times in order to resolve accessory installation puzzles. Brian, always delivers. He's produced brackets for installing BionX batteries on Bullitts, brackets for installing our locally sourced Bullitt rain covers, and many other nifty little items. He's the guy to turn to for specialty parts whether you need a special shim for your cleats or any bicycle repair, modification, or prototyping fabrication.


Metrofiets Cargo Bikes

We proudly stock and sell Metrofiets Cargo Bikes! We've devoted a whole page of our website to describing our love for these bikes but I'll add here that if you're looking for  head-turning artistry in your cargo bike this is THE way to go.

Jake Rosenfeld Construction - Custom Alloy Cargo Boxes

Jake is a real renaissance man: his skills span the breadth of many trades. But we're most thankful for the metal working skills he's applied to creating custom alloy cargo boxes for Splendid Cycles and our customers. We love the level of detail and personal attention he gives each design. His experience with bikes and food carts proves most helpful for advising our customers on the design details. He knows first hand the importance of a tough, lightweight, functional cargo hold. We know the importance of supporting local craftsman and are grateful we know Jake.


BLAQ Designs - Splendid Rain Cover for Bullitts

We have Joe at Joe Bike here in Portland, OR to thank for this relationship. He first worked with Jeremy of BLAQ Designs to craft a cover for his cargo bikes. The design was brilliant and we followed with some sincere flattery (we copied his idea) and commissioned a rain canopy for the Bullitt cargo bike. And what a big hit it's been; we've even shipped covers back to the Bullitt homeland! We're working on new covers and options for the coming year too. So, we plan to keep BLAQ very busy. By the way, if you're in the market for a new messenger bag or backpack, do checkout their cool wares!

Jeff Lauten- custom wood cargo boxes

Most of the craftsmen producing products for us are experienced, skilled, and talented, but Jeff stands out, not only because he's all those things but he's also an artist. Each wood box he's created for us is that - a creation. While he has a template for the basic shape of the box, no two boxes are identical in detail. And while I'm talking detail...his attention to detail is tremendous. The new padded seats and shoulder harnesses in this year's box are well-designed and executed; some of the nicest we've seen. Jeff is a full-time dad and a part-time wood worker; lucky a chunk of his time goes to making custom wood boxes for Splendid customers.



Joel's Creations

I've written about Joel fabricating the Splendid Deck plates in a previous post, but he is busy with his brilliance often. He makes cool Supernova tail light brackets, is the one who hatches many of the ideas that we take to the craftsmen profiled above. His vision for creating useful and functional products to accompany the bikes we sell is a driving force in our business.

 (ME? - I do the writing, and knit Joel's sweaters and hats.  So I guess, we're just a little company of craftsmen.)