Business By Cargo Bike - Chapter 3: Cargo Bikes Deliver


Cargo bikes do indeed deliver.  Any cargo bike owner can attest to the variety of goods and people they've carried successfully to their intended destination but, those individuals and companies using cargo bikes in their delivery businesses REALLY know how useful they are in delivering the goods. Splendid Cycles is proud to have supplied a few delivery businesses with bicycles. These short profiles will give you a glimpse into three businesses integrating  cargo bikes into the delivery system of three large cities:

Chicago Cargo, LLC of Chicago, IL -For owner, Brandon Gobel, delivering de-icer to Ohare by semi pays the bills but it does not feed his heart. Seeing a need to be more aligned with his passions, he founded Chicago Cargo, LLC . Like Aqueduct in NYC, Chicago Cargo is a great solution for delivering goods in a dense urban area. But, don't take our word for it, here's what Brandon has to say.  Brandon also uses a Bullitt cargo bike.
Spoketown Cargo of Portland, OR - The first time I met Joel Sheley, I was bowled over by his enthusiasm for cargo bikes. Realize that off-the-charts cargo bike enthusiasm is a common thread among our customers and you can begin to imagine just how enthusiastic Mr. Sheley had to be in order to stand out. And, we are grateful for that passion. Despite having two very capable cargo bike delivery services, B-Line and Portland Pedal Power, Portland does have room for more. In addition to delivery to the dense Downtown and Pearl Districts, Spoketown is also available for east side deliveries. Our hope is that Joel's enthusiasm is contagious, and that businesses all over Portland realize how using a bike- based delivery service such as Spoketown is good for business and good for the city. Spoketown Cargo also opted for a Bullitt with BionX e-assist. Joel's added his own custom cargo box.
Finally, we can't resist the opportunity to mention the potential we see in cargo bike deliver businesses. That's one of the reasons we've worked with a local business to develop our own delivery trailer option prototype. We know it's big, but it's light, sturdy, and secure AND most of all intended to inspire those contemplating cargo bikes/trailers to replace auto trips in an urban environment.