Splendid Cycles Bike of the Month - Orangecicle! Orangecicle!


We've a passel of beautiful bikes here at Splendid Cycles so picking one to feature each month will be both easy for our myriad options from which to choose AND difficult because it's so hard to choose from such a splendid selection.

To kickoff this monthly series, the featured bike was selected for its hometown roots, photogenic features, and overall talent - in other words its  bike-next-door qualities.

This Metrofiets Cargo Bike has a number of nicknames, some call her Satsuma after the sweet little citrus fruit. For me, the gorgeous orange-yellow and white fenders harken memories of that tasty frozen treat, and the wood box =a popsicle stick. So,for the purposes of this post I'm calling her Orangecicle the Orange Box Cycle.

This bike is more than good looks. We can wax for hours on the benefits of the Metrofiets Cargo Bikes. We've told you on our website that they

  "are beautiful artisan cargo and kid carriers hand-built in Portland, Oregon. They're a sub-compact car, mini-van, and pick-up truck all rolled into a gorgeous hand-built bicycle. "

Orangecicle's wood box is complete with a bench seat and twin 5-point child safety harnesses - yes enough room for two kids and plenty of groceries too. Of course, no Northwest bike is truly complete without a rain canopy so, Orangie sports the fabulously functional rain cover from BLAQ Designs (another local company, by the way). Applause! Applause!

We say, "Thanks Shimano, the ever-popular Alfine group is the perfect match for this cargo hauler." In this case it's an Alfine 8-speed hub and gears with Alfine hydraulic disc brakes. Did you catch that? HYDRAULIC DISC BRAKES! Yes, we have to shout. Disc brakes are great; hydraulic disc brakes are THE way to go on a cargo bike. No question this bike will stop on a dime or safely moderate your speed on long downhills into town.

Style and comfort - Civia Colfax bars, cork grips, BLAQ rain canopy

Topping it all off we've added the Civia Colfax 50-degree handlebars with cork grips, Brooks B-68 Saddle and fat city-tough Schwalbe Big Apple tires to bestow a comfortable and stylish ride appropriate on such a jewel of a bike.

To sum it all up: everything you want in a cargo bike - style, functionality, safety, and versatility. Metrofiets Orangecicle, that's our Splendid Cycles Bike of the Month.