Business By Cargo Bike - Chapter 2: House Calls

The second installment featuring businesses providing house-call service by cargo bike. These two examples prove to us that bikes are not a limitation when providing in-home service to customers. In fact, rather they are an asset,  providing quick and easy access to customers.  Commitment, not only to customer service but to the livability of the community, is one of the best PR tools a business can have. We applaud these two businesses for setting a great example:

1. River City Mobile Veterinary Service.

Dr. Matthew Marasco, DVM, is a small animal veterinarian with over 28 years of experience. Dr Marasco's practise includes in-home preventative and wellness visits for your dogs and cats. According to his website, "He will schedule a visit in your pet’s home and bring along everything needed, including an assistant if necessary.When a pet’s quality of life has diminished, Dr. Marasco is prepared to provide palliative care, as well as euthanasia when further treatment is no longer possible, and suffering can not be relieved."

He conducts physical exams, blood work, vaccines and consultations all supported via cargo bike, serving  the South Waterfront and within a 5 mile radius in Portland, Oregon. He's Portland's first mobile by bike veterinarian

His house calling cargo bike of choice? The Ahearne Cycle Truck complete with waterproof and lockable aluminium cargo box mounted on the front rack.

2. Saint Francis Plumbing

Joshua deParrie is Portland's Bicycle Plumber. With over seven years of experience,  he's a fully licensed, bonded and insured plumbing contractor who takes great pride in his work and his chosen mode of transportation. He offers general plumbing, installation, service, remodels and maintenance on residential and small commercial projects.

How does he do it? His bike is a BionX equipped Surly Big Dummy.  His tools stow neatly in the waterproof panniers. For plumbing supplies too big or bulky for the bike (such as sinks, pipe, etc.) he hauls a nifty trailer.
Do you know another business that provides house-call service by cargo bike? Let us know and we may feature them in a future blog.