Why Cargo Bikes?

Why Cargo Bikes? Well…good question.  Short and easy answer: because we like them.  Long and complex answer: Because the world needs them in more ways than one.  Over the next few weeks we will share the reasons we have decided to invest our own personal savings into a business that will promote a healthier way to live for ourselves, our city and our planet. Reason #1:  Traffic and Parking…A cargo bike instead of a car will avoid the usual traffic snarls and deliver you to front row parking on every trip.  The extra time it may take to pedal a bicycle a couple of miles is mostly canceled out by the free, easy and nearby parking at your destination.  A cargo bike on many local trips saves you money, saves you time, and gets you where you want to go, carry the things you need to carry- easily and affordably.

Reason #2:  Riding a bike will save your life.  We have an obesity epidemic in America today.  One of the ways to reduce this obesity problem is by getting daily exercise.  One of the easy ways to get daily exercise is to ride a bike for local transportation.  With most trips for the average urban household less than a couple of miles, pedaling a bicycle instead of driving a car these few minutes a day can have dramatic results on your health in a positive way. While we at Splendid Cycles understand that a cargo bike may have limited applications for some, most households in a flat, densely populated city like Portland could replace many of their car trips to pick-up kids at school, or shopping trips, or simple errands with a cargo bike and help get the exercise we need for healthy lives.  Riding a cargo bike instead of driving a car will help you live longer, live healthier, and live a more fulfilling life.  Don’t think of it as work, but think of it as a fun way to get to where you want to go, carry the things you need to carry and to get exercise at the same time.
Reason #3:  Our planet is being rapidly consumed in case you haven’t noticed.  America, with only 3% of the world’s population consumes 25% of the world’s supply of oil.  Is this moral?  Is this fair to the rest of the planet or to future generations?  The way our society consumes resources generally and petroleum specifically guarantees that future generations will have to deal with the problems we are creating today because of our neglect and arrogance.  Sure, we still have likely only used ½ of our total known reserves of petroleum, but guess what? The next ½ of our petroleum reserves will deplete a lot quicker,be a lot more expensive, be a lot harder to get to, and come from a lot farther away than the first half.  Simple arithmetic and economics will ensure that gasoline will continue to become more expensive because of its increasing demand and decreasing supply. Moreover, with the out of control burning of fossil fuels, global climate change will only exacerbate our already stressed society.  We owe it to our children and grand children to act responsibly, lighten our footprint, and help to control resource depletion.  So why not trade in that extra car for a cargo bike?