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Riese & Muller Specials

R & M PAckster 80 w Blaq canopy 007.jpg

2017 Packster 60 Nuvinci with Bosch Performance CX

2017 Reg $5842  SALE $5200 (bike and rack)

With it's powerful Bosch Performance CX motor and Nuvinci N380 shifting with it's hard to pass up. The bike also includes fenders, front and rear lights. This bike also includes a rear rack.

Sale bike is in metallic gray/light gray

2017 Packster 80 Touring with Bosch Performance CX

2017 Reg Price $5292 SALE $5000 (bike & rack)

Kid box ($439) and rain cover ($425) shown in photo are additional.

If you prefer a broader range of gears and super powerful Bosch Performance Line CX motor, this is the cargo bike for you. With only minor parts changes to 2018 models, the 2017 sale price makes this bike a great value.  The bike also includes fenders, front and rear lights. This bike also includes a rear rack.


Surly Big Dummy

Barb's Surly BionX

Regular $6000 SALE $3000 ($3100 with footrests)

Barb's BD 3.jpg

This is a total custom build with Tiagra/SLX components and BionX D500* on a small (18") Surly Big Dummy frame. It includes Xtracycle racks, deck, X2 bags with a cool custom lid, and Kickback. Extras like, Thomson seat post, Hope front hub, Supernova  e-lights, and Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires.

I've been dragging my feet on selling this bike because, well, it's a Big Dummy and I really like it. But, it's not getting used as much as it deserves so it needs to find a new home where it will be ridden and loved.

*no warranty available on the BionX system

Bullitt Specials

Unless otherwise specified, the prices listed below  for Bullitt cargo bikes do NOT include cargo decks, panels, boxes, or other add-on accessories. All bikes are complete with pedals, saddles, and fenders, and ready to ride.

For parts specifications visit our Bullitt Cargo Bike page and follow the links to specifications listed in the right-hand column.

Bullitt STEPS E6000 conversion.jpg

Milk Plus STEPS E6000 Conversion

Regular $5500 SALE $5000

Every so often we like experimenting and we modify a bike to see improvements (based on our view of how bikes should work). So, we took a 2017 STEPS E6000 Bullitt, converted it to external gearing. The reason we did this is that the external gearing allows us to put the STEPS system into "Light Mountain Mode", and that means a bit more power and responsiveness to cadence than the original internal/Di2 bike. While we love the Di2 on regular e-bikes, we think cargo bikes benefits greatly from this conversion.  This is the setup Barb's been using on her personal Bullitt so there's been plenty of testing and in her opinion this is the way to go with a STEPS E6000 Bullitt.

This bike includes the SLX shifter and rear derailleur, the original Magura hydraulic disc brakes, and Shimano STEPS E6000 motor and battery. A great value on a cool e-Bullitt!

SLX Bluebird.jpg

Bluebird with Shimano SLX 3 x 10

Regular $3700 SALE $3400

While this has a 2016 SLX 3 x 10 parts spec this bike was just assembled. Since it's not quite the current 2018 model we're offering this one at a discount.  SLX drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes, Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires, fenders , and awesome Bluebird color.


2017 Bullitt BionX SLX 018.JPG

Lizzard King Tiagra 2 x 10 with BionX D500 - Floor Demo

This bike has a season of test rides and it's time for it to find a home. It includes, Shimano Tiagra 2 x 10 drive train, Shimano SLX hydraulic disc brakes, and BionX D500* e-assist system.

Regular $5700 SALE $4000 (cargo box, rain canopy, and Brooks saddle, are additional)

*no warranty available on the BionX system
2016 10E.jpg

Xtracycle Specials

2017 EdgeRunner 10E 


Special Includes:

  • 2017 Xtracycle 10E ($5000)
  • Fenders ($75)
  • Upgrade to NEW Kickback 3 double kickstand ($150)
  • CargoBay Bags ($150/pr)
  • Supernova front and rear e-bike lights ($300)

Regular Value $5675

SALE $4175

(Porter Rack,  shown above, is additional).

Offer good while supplies last, limited to stock on hand

2016 Xtracycles now on SALE!

We're CLOSING OUT all in-stock 2016 Xtracycle EdgeRunners! Get 'em while they last!

2016 EdgeRunner 24D Orange/Large with BionX P350 DL e-assist!

2016 24D w BionX p350DL.jpg
  • Xtracycle EdgeRunner 24D
  • BionX P3350 DL*
  • Carryall bags
  • Kickback 2 double kickstand
  • Upgraded tires: Schwalbe Big Ben
  • Upgraded tubes: Slime self-sealing tubes
  • Fenders
  • Handlebar stabilizer

Regular $3690 SALE $2500 (as shown with Hooptie, Utubes, and Magic Carpet $2850)

*no warranty available on the BionX system
2016 24D blue stock photo.jpg

2016 EdgeRunner 24D Blue/Large Reg $1999 SALE $ 1450

2016 EdgeRunner 24D White/Small   Reg $1999 SALE $1450



CARGO NODE Folding Cargo Bike

Regular $1800 SALE $1400


From Xtracycle and Tern

Full sized cargo bike that folds to fit tight spaces like car trunks and elevators. Easy to ride, easy to store, easy on the wallet.  One of the best values you'll find in a cargo bikes. Xtracycle Hooptie, and Yepp Seat compatible.

  • Versatile, all-weather CarryAll™ bags with 35 L / 22 kg capacity per side
  • Andros™ handlebar stem for tool-free riding position adjustments—on the fly
  • Electricity-generating hub powers the wide-beam 41 lux Valo™ 2 front light
  • Full-size tire pump hidden inside the seatpost—so you never leave it behind
  • Promax hydraulic disc brakes for stopping a cargo bike’s worth of gear
  • Xtracycle Kickback™ dual-legged kickstand for stability when loading and unloading
  • 350 lb total cargo capacity including a rider of up to 254 lb
  • Extra-strong chromoly fork

MORE Xtracycle Goodies

Xtracycle Side Car with deck   Regular $250 SALE $100

Carry up to 250 lbs on this cool Xtracycle add-on that fits any EdgeRunner of FreeRadical.

Xtracycle FreeRadical Kit   Reg $400 SALE $300


  • FreeRad base
  • Flightdeck 1
  • Vracks
  • Superhooks (4)
  • Racklocks

Xtracycle Snap Deck - Reg $70 SALE $30

Butchers & Bicycles


 Pro Delivery Box (shown on a different model)

Pro Delivery Box (shown on a different model)

MK-1 Alfine 8 with Pro Delivery Box

regular $4500 SALE $3500

  • Alfine 8 Drivetrain (chain)
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Black box/white frame



Walleräng Specials

2017 Wallerang M.02

Reg $3599 SALE $2800

The fabulous, award-winning Wallerang M.02 is now on Sale. This bike is a shop favorite for its great value and design.



Sale prices apply to stock on hand; sale prices good while supply lasts. Sale bikes are often floor models and may have cosmetic blemishes.