Xtracycle Accessories

Whether carrying kids, groceries, or both the Xtracycle's extensive accessory selection helps make it all easy.

Xtracycle Accessories

 The Xtracycle Super-Modular Accessory System   means that you customize the accessories to fit your need. Whether carrying surfboards or kids, or both, Xtracycle has an accessory that makes it easy.

Popular Xtracycle Accessories Include:

Hooptie - safety bar $200 (may require retrofit kit $20)

U-Tube footrests - $125

Magic Carpet LT2  - $50

Yepp Maxi EasyFit Child Seat - $200 (may require and adapter $25/ea) We stock a variety of colors of Yepp seats for Xtracycles

Fenders - High quality metal fenders mades specifically for the EdgeRunner. $100

Porter Rack $200 and Porter Bag $125

Bags - In addition to the cool modular X3 series bags currently available from Xtracycle, we have a few other options on hand. We're happy to help you decide on the perfect bag for you load hauling needs. Price range is $50-$250 depending on bags selected.

Other Accessories - Splendid Cycles stocks a full range of Xtracycle accessories, including some older, hard to find, accessories.

To learn more about all of the current Xtracycle Accessory options visit the Xtracycle website.