Cargo Bikes

 More Options than Ever!

2016 10E.jpg

Xtracycle offers human-powered EdgeRunner models and e-bike models. With each of those options, you can choose to add from a great selection of a la carte accessories.  At Splendid Cycles we specialize in customizing bikes so, we're happy to help you design the EdgeRunner that best fits your needs.

The Swoop and Classic models and a modular bag configuration offer more options to design a bike that fits your riding style.

It's really hard to beat Xtracycle for a great selection of cargo carrying accessories (see green boxes below for links to more info).   All 2018 EdgeRunners accept Yepp Maxi child seats, and other standard LT2 accessories. Or add even more cargo capacity with a  Porter Rack ($249) and Porter Rack ($199) front rack and bag.


EdgeRunner Electric

E-Swoop and E-Classic

Xtracycle's popular E-assist cargo bike is now available with more options. Choose E-Swoop or E-Classic frame style, size, and one of 4 battery & 2 motor options. The Electric EdgeRunner is powered by the Bosch Performance Line e-assist system and you get to select:

  • 400Wh batteries, or

  • 500Wh batteries, or

  • 800Wh batteries, or

  • 1000Wh batteries

AND choose either:

  • Performance Line CX (Class I, 20 mph, high-torque motor) ;OR

  • Performance Line Speed (Class II, 28mph system)

2018-2019 Electric EdgeRunner Models Starting at $4497

2018 ER 10E.jpg

2017 EdgeRunner 10E ON SALE!

Bosch Performance Line Motor, 400wh battery, Intuvia console, Shimano Deore hydraulic disc brakes, 10sp Deore shifters, and Kickback 3 are all stock on this bike. We've added Xtracycle fenders ($75 value) and front and rear Supernova e-bike lights ($300 value) to make this bike a super deal!   (Hooptie, U-tubes and Magic Carpets are additional.)

Regular $5874 SALE $4000

While supplies last - available in blue only



Swoop and Classic

EdgeRunner Swoop

  • 100% CroMo Frame

  • 15mm Thru Axle Front Hub

  • "WeddingRing" rack attachments

  • SUPER low step-over height.

  • Powerful Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brakes

  • Wheelskirts

  • Schwalbe Big Ben tires


 EdgeRunner Classic

  • 100% CroMo frame

  • 15mm Thru Axle Front Hub

  • "WeddingRing" rack attachments

  • Lower step-over height.

  • Powerful Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brakes

  • Wheelskirts

  • Schwalbe Big Ben tires