Wallerang Electric Assist Bicycles

There's a reason why Wallerang is one of the top-rated electric bikes. Walleräng has a variety of well-designed and quality-built e-assist bicycles that meets all of our criteria: high quality bike, high quality components, high quality e-assist system, and versatile:

Quality Bike: lightweight aluminum frame designed and hand-built in Sweden.

Quality Components: Shimano components including  hydraulic disc brakes.

Quality E-Assist System: Powerful Shimano STEPS mid-drive electric assist. The Shimano brand says it all: smooth, reliable, and easy to use.

Versatile: Modular carrying capacity through the Wallerang Modular System (WMS) means easy to add/remove front and rear racks and carrying accessories. Fenders, integrated lights, and wide tires are included in all models. So, pick your favorite model, add the WMS accessories that meet your needs and you're ready for year-round riding.

WMS Accessories

  • Lasta - Flat basket - $87
  • Kanka - Medium basket - $80
  • Stuva - Small basket - $99

Walleräng Models

M.01 and M.02

Come by, take a test ride, and you'll see why this bike is winning awards.  The flagship bike of the Wallerang brand, the diamond-frame M.01 and step-through frame M.02 models are known for lovely styling, high-end components and integrated shifting. Featuring Shimano STEPS E6000, Shimano Alfine 8 Di2 (electronic) shifting, Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, and WMS compatibility.

2018 M.01/M.02 $3599

2017 M.02 reg $3399 SALE $2800

Both 2018 models available with suspsension fork for $200



Well, isn't that a cool, nimble, urban e-bike! Yes the Tjugo is compact in size but ready to tackle your daily adventures. Shimano STEPS E6000, Di2 electronic shifting,  belt drive, and internal gearing, mean ease of maintenance and fun to ride. Front and rear lights, fenders, racks, and kickstand, are included. With WMS compatibility, this bike is ready to go!  $3899




Designed as a trekking bike, we think this bike would be a great bike for almost anything: trekking, commuting, and recreation. With the Shimano STEPS E8000 e-assist system, this bike will easily be able to climb hills, get you home after a long day's work, or haul a full load of groceries. We must say, the Swedish styling and quality also makes this a very attractive e-bike!