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Big Easy

A Surly e-bike?! The Big Easy provides that much loved Surly ride combined with the top-of-class Bosch Performance Line CX e-assist. It also features a full component set perfectly suited for electric cargo bikes, including:

  1. Four-piston Tektro hydraulic disc brakes,

  2. SRAM shifters and rear derailleur,

  3. Cane Creek damping headset for smooth and stable handling under heavy loads,

  4. Capable of running dual batteries for extended range, if you’re into that. (All mounting hardware and wiring included.),

  5. Large-volume 26” x 2.5” ExtraTerrestrial tires and durable wheel builds,

  6. Frame integration with Surly Bill and Ted trailers for maximum cargo potential, and

  7. Available in 3 sizes.



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Kid Corral

The Kid Corral system was designed for kids while they’re riding on the deck of your Big Easy, Big Dummy, or Big Fat Dummy.

  • Semi-modular system is designed to easily add or remove sections of the corral rails to fit your passenger safety needs

  • Kit includes the full safety rail system, two soft Deck Pads, Deck Bar and required mounting hardware

  • The Kid Corral system is also compatible with the Thule Yepp Maxi child seat, for riders of smaller proportions. $325

Deck Bar

Stoker style bar that mounts to the Surly deck. $90

Deck Pad

Seat cushion that mounts to the Dummy deck. $30 ea

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Big Dummy

Big Dummy with Deore  3 x 10

Includes Deore  3 x 10 drivetrain with Deore disc brakes. $2700 

Our builds differs from the Surly stock bike. Why our own build and not Surly's stock parts? Besides some nicer parts (hydraulic disc brakes for example) we have several reasons:

  1. Tougher wheels - our build includes wheels hand-built by an expert mechanic. That means you're less likely to experience broken spokes and out-of-true wheels

  2. Fewer flats - we complete each wheel with the highly puncture-resistant combo of Schwalbe Marathon Plus or Big Apple Plus tires and Slime self-sealing tubes. Because, the best way to fix a flat on a cargo bike is to avoid it in the first place!

  3. Customized cock pit - Aggressive, up-right, or somewhere in between? You choose your riding position. We have several handlebar and stem options in stock and customize your Big Dummy to fit you and your riding style.

  4. Xtracycle accessory compatible - It's not that the Surly accessories are bad, it's just that the Xtracycle accessories are SO AWESOME we think you'll prefer them without a doubt! If you want a Hooptie or Yepp seat compatible deck, you'll want the Xtracycle deck that we stock on our build.

  5. No-Fuss personalization - We can upgrade components such as pedals, seats, seatposts, grips to your preference . If our vendors stock it, we can spec it; you pay only the difference in price and no penalty for getting what you want.

More about the Big Dummy

The Surly Big Dummy is the perfect longtail bike. The sturdy frame, constructed from TIG welded CroMo steel with a great manufacturer's warranty. We add quality components like the Shimano drivetrain and disc brakes to augment this very functional bike. Four water bottle mounts and room for wide tires means this bike is at home in the city and in the middle of nowhere.

Load your groceries, load your kids, this option gives you endless possibilities. AND with a 400-pound rider & load limit, you'll have lots of fun exploring those possibilities. The Big Dummy's purpose built  single-piece frame means a stouter, more torsionally rigid bike that's not only more resistant to fatigue and failure, but also more stable under load.

Note:  Currently, the Surly Big Dummy is available Dark Side of the Maroon and in some sizes in Black(tacular).

Splendid Cycles stocks a great selection of Xtracycle accessories so you can customize your Big Dummy to fit your needs.