Splendid Cycles offers a Bullitt cargo bike for rent.

We have one rental* Bullitt so please plan in advance if you wish to reserve a bike.

The Rental Bullitt is usually set up with a two-kid wood box, and optional rain cover. If you need the box removed for your rental, please let us know, we're happy to have the bike ready for you when you arrive.

Rates are as follows:

Daily (24 Hours ) - $50.00

Weekend (e.g.Friday opening-Sunday close) - $125

Weekly (7 days) $250

Please contact us by phone (503-954-2620) or email to reserve your bike and make arrangements.

*Why Just One Rental Bike?

Well, the demand for rentals is not huge but mainly, we don't require you use a rental bike for an extended test ride. If you're selecting a cargo bike for purchase, we call it a test ride. If you're borrowing the bike for an adventure or outing, that is a rental. We're happy to clarify if you have questions.