While BionX has a broad range of systems available, we recommend sticking with the higher torque, higher range options on a cargo bike. We're happy to consult with you on which BionX system is best for your bike and riding demands.


BionX Display!

The BionX DS3 Display is stylish and smart. It features full-color graphics, along with multiple display styles to show you exactly the information you want. The DS3 Display is operated remotely with the intuitive new RC3 Controller, so you never need to take your hands off the handlebars.

Features Include:

  • Transflective color display
  • Quarter-turn mounting mechanism
  • Rubber hand grips on the sides for secure handling
  • Multiple mounting positions
  • Multi-language menu
BionX RC3 Controller

BionX RC3 Controller

BionX Controller

The RC3 The 2017 BionX RC3 Controller is simplicity at its best. With its compact, intuitive design and intelligent multi-functionality, the RC3 offers you a whole new level of control with BionX. 

With the new RC3 Controller everything is at your fingertips: brakes, shifters, and FULL control of your BionX system. The RC3 Controller turns the system on and off, shows battery's state of charge, allows mode adjustment and display, and turn on lights (if installed).

Can be used alone or paired with the new DS3 Display.

Select 2018 BionX Kits

BionX D500 DV


The D-series motor is extremely sporty, lightweight and powerful –resulting in an  e-bike with the ride and feel like a bicycle. This is the top-of-the-line system from BionX and is ideal for cyclists needing to tackle large loads, big hills, longer distances or all of these. 

  • RC3 Controller included
  • DS3 Heads Up Display included
  • Nominal power: 500 Watts in North America
  • Torque: 25/50 Nm (18.4/36.9lb-ft)
  • Range: 20 to 80 miles depending on load, terrain, effort, speed.
  • Battery:  Lithium Ion 48 volt/11.6 amp hour/555 watt hour.
  • Weight: 17 pounds
  • Generate mode/regenerative braking feature captures energy and extends range.
  • DC Output allows for easy e-bike light integration.

P350 DV 

BionX P350 DV

BionX P350 DV


  • Motor: 350 Watts
  • RC3 included
  • DS3 included
  • Range: 20-80 mi. depending on load, terrain, effort, speed
  • Battery: Li-Ion / 48V / 11.6 Ah / 555 Wh
  • DC output: Yes
  • Torque (Nom./Max.): 7.4/29.5 lb.-ft. (10.0/40.0 Nm)
  • Weight (System): 19.4 lb.

P350 DX 


The  P 350 DX  offers great range and zippy feel and is available for a range of wheel sizes. We love this system on the 20" wheel EdgeRunner!

BionX P350 DX

BionX P350 DX

  • Motor: 350 Watts
  • RC3 included
  • Range: 65 mi. (105 km)
  • Battery: Li-Ion / 48V / 8.8 Ah / 423 Wh
  • DC output: Yes
  • Torque (Nom./Max.): 6.6/29.5 lb.-ft. (10.0/40.0 Nm)
  • Weight (System): 19.2 lb. (8.7 kg)

P350 DL


  • Motor: 350 Watts
  • RC3 included
  • Range: 50 mi. (80 km)
  • Battery: Li-Ion / 48V / 6.6 Ah / 317 Wh
  • DC output: Yes
  • Torque (Nom./Max.): 6.6/29.5 lb.-ft. (10.0/40.0 Nm)
  • Weight (System): 17.6 lb. (8.0 kg)
BionX P350 DL

BionX P350 DL

*All BionX systems purchased and installed at Splendid Cycles will require a $125 install charge. The prices listed above are for the BionX kit only.  Some installations may also require additional parts above and beyond the price of the kit in order to adapt the system to the bicycle. The $100 install charge covers the initial professional installation and free warranty and software update services for 2 years from the purchase of the BionX system.

Note: We haven't featured the rack-mounted battery options but are happy to tell you all about them and install one on your bike if a rack-mounted battery is optimal for your bicycle.

More About BionX at Splendid Cycles

Surly Ogre w BionX
Surly Ogre w BionX

Splendid Cycles is an authorized BionX dealer, and we have quite a bit of experience fitting BionX systems onto a variety of bikes.  Whether you own a cargo bike, mountain bike, hybrid, road bike, or recumbent, we can advise you on the right BionX set-up for your bike and your riding style.  So, if you have a special project in mind we can help with that. 

But don’t take our word for it, drop by and take a BionX equipped bike for a test ride and see for yourself.