Electric Assist Systems

Bosch, Shimano, and BionX are producing some of the best systems available for e-bikes. These companies produce reliable, serviceable, and user-friendly systems.

We feel it is critical to buy an bike with an e-assist system that is well-supported by the manufacturer. That means that they provide technical training, have repair parts available, and offer good warranty terms.

That's why we have selected only bikes with Bosch, Shimano, and BionX systems for our store.

Whether you're looking for a family, cargo, utility, or commuter bike with electric assist, we have a range of top quality options.


Shimano STEPS is easy to use and fun to ride. Shimano produces two different STEPS systems: E8000 and E6000. Both systems are smooth, reliable, and fun to ride. With integrated electronic shifting, riding a  bike has never been so easy.




Bosch produces one of the highest quality electric assist systems available today. Fully integrated and very refined: Bosch's Performance Line is a system you can trust. All of the Bosch-equipped bikes we sell feature the one of the  Bosch Performance Line systems. Some of our brands also offer Bosch Dual Battery technology. So, whether you need high torque from the Bosch Performance Line CX or the extra speed of the Bosch Performance Line Speed (HS) we have several options to consider. 2018 models with Bosch systems include:



Our favorite system for retrofitting non-assist bikes. We've installed hundreds of BionX systems.  Whether you're looking for a powerful system for a Bullitt cargo bike, a longtail, or your hybrid, mountain bike, or recumbent, we have the experience and expertise to set your bike up right.

BionX E-assist Conversion Kits

We love BionX on Bullitts, Xtracycles, and commuter bikes! We have so many great things to say about the system that we have a whole page dedicated to the Benefits of BionX!

We believe in BionX as a transportation/recreation game-changer! Talk to us about your bike and needs and we'll help advise you on the best system.  Our expert mechanical staff have the knowledge and skills to install e-assist systems on just about any bicycle. Whether fitting a system onto a new cargo bike or retrofitting e-assist to your "old" bike let us help you add some power to your pedals.  You'll be amazed how much you love it!

But don't take our word for it. We keep demo models of EACH of theses systems in the store, available to test ride. Please come by to test ride and decide which system is right for you.