We have only the MK1 Pro Box model in stock. Come in and buy or have us ship a fully assembled trike to your door (anywhere in the Continental USA)!

Another amazing cargo bike, uh we mean trike, to come out of Denmark. With beautiful and functional design and ingenuity and attention to detail in the engineering, we are once again impressed by the bike design and production skills of the Danish! This unique tilt-action trike provides stability while allowing the rider more freedom to ride comfortably on downhills and around higher speed corners.

Standard models include:


  • Quick release height adjustment for saddle and handlebar

  • Parking stand, operated from the driver’s position Hydraulic disc brakes on 3 wheels

  • Schwalbe Big Ben (Rear: 26 x 2,15 , front: 20 x 2.15)

  • Strong double wall aluminium rims

  • Alu-core black mudguards on all wheels

What's in Stock

Regular $4800 SALE $3500

MK-1 Alfine 8 with Pro Delivery Box 

Regular $4500 SALE $3500

Includes Pro Delivery Box with locking lid. Quantities are limited so contact us to reserve your trike today! Currently available in white.

This is NOT a box for carrying kids, or dogs - cargo only!