Meet Our Staff

Splendid Cycles has assembled one of the hardest-working, experienced, and talented staffs in the bike biz. At least we like to think so.  Each member of our team boasts 20 or more years of bike shop experience, many come with other talents - such as machining and brazing - but all of them have a can-do attitude.  We're proud to say that's contributed to a little recognition from our peers (2016 Best Urban/Lifestyle Shop & inclusion as an America's Best Bikes Shops in 2014, 2016 & 2017, for example). Still, we plan to keep working hard to assure that our customers are not only satisfied, but extremely gratified by their experience with Splendid.


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Joel Grover


Joel has 30 years of bike retail experience and many more years of experience riding bikes. His bike knowledge runs deep, as does his ability to bring you the best products at a great value. His desire to help you transition to a low-car or no-car lifestyle is supported by his experience and knowledge. He can tailor solutions to fit your unique bicycling needs. Joel's forte is figuring out creative electric and cargo bike solutions.

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Barb Grover


Barb started in the bike biz in 1987, since then she’s done it all from managing shops to selling bikes to leading and supporting rides to teaching cycling skills. While Barb wears a lot of hats at Splendid (literally and figuratively), her passion is helping others discover the joys of cycling, and she’s feeling a ton of joy these days as folks discover cargo bikes. She figures if people think it makes sense to own and drive a pickup truck everywhere, then it makes even more sense to ride a cargo bike everywhere.


Daryl Dunigan


We're not only impressed with his ability as a mechanic, but also really admire his dedication to helping other people.  Underneath that kind exterior is a great sense of humor and a talent for taking care of bicycles. He takes great pride in doing quality work and has many years of experience to back it up. That means you can rely on him to build you a perfect cargo bike or fine tune your existing bike.

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Scott Scholl


As a father of twins Scott definitely brings some parenting knowledge to Splendid Cycles. That's important when helping customer's figure out the right family bike. He brings a depth of bike mechanic skills and an easy-going disposition that make him valuable to customers and co-workers alike. He's also happy to be working near the Oregon Rail Heritage Center as trains are also one of his passions. We're happy he chose to work with us!