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  1. An Ode to Bicycling Families


    A couple of family-biking kids and some of their supportive community on a bird watching excursion.

    It’s been an interesting year. Here at Splendid Cycles it’s been a great year. But, elsewhere in Oregon and the world there have been some tough days and weeks, with natural disasters and incredibly sad news of hatred, intolerance,  and … Continue reading

  2. New Bullitt Deck Plate!

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    For many bike shops in the northern hemisphere fall and winter are the slow months. Here at Splendid Cycles, it hasn’t exactly slowed down but we are still compelled to focus on projects when the weather gets ugly – an … Continue reading

  3. The Austinfiets

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    Metrofiets 034aw

    Splendid Cycles has mentioned before our good fortune of having nothing but wonderful customers. Everyday our customers give back to us by riding their bikes, stopping by to say hello, sending us photos of their adventures. It is indeed a … Continue reading

  4. Why We Love Xtracycle!


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    Editors Note: this post was written prior to the release of the Xtracycle EdgeRunner. For how it compares visit our Xtracycle web page One of our goals in opening Splendid Cycles was to have our own niche and to have … Continue reading

  5. Show Time


    Show Bike 003aw

    We’re calling this our show bike. What does it show? Although intended to be showy, that is, turn heads and attract attention, what it really shows is what happens when you combine the cream of the crop in the bicycle … Continue reading

  6. Velo Village -Bicycle Heaven on Earth


    Velo Village 082aw

    Bicycle advocates and activists may be aware of the Velo-City event sponsored by the European Cyclist’s Federation. That big three-day event focuses on urban cycling issues receives lots of coverage from the bicycle and sustainability communities.  But, are you aware that … Continue reading

  7. Slow Food, Fast Bike?


    slow hand farmcropped

    One of the values embraced by Splendid Cycles’ owners, Barb and Joel Grover, is eating healthy local food.  Barb and Joel intensively farm their small urban lot in order to produce as much of their own fruits and vegetables as … Continue reading