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  1. Game-changers

    2 Comments customer bikes 088aw

      Ah, what a handsome trio of Bullitt cargo bikes! What all three of these bikes have in common is that they’re heading to new homes where they’ll help transform three family’s lifestyles with their car-replacement potential. Besides all being … Continue reading

  2. Velo Village -Bicycle Heaven on Earth

    2 Comments Velo Village 082aw

    Bicycle advocates and activists may be aware of the Velo-City event sponsored by the European Cyclist’s Federation. That big three-day event focuses on urban cycling issues receives lots of coverage from the bicycle and sustainability communities.  But, are you aware that … Continue reading

  3. A Splendid Way to Commute

    3 Comments Jeb Ba

    Jeb was an avid cyclist. He loved his lugged steel road bike and rode it everywhere, including bike touring through parts of Europe. On sunny days he’d join a group ride and put in some miles. On weekdays his miles … Continue reading

  4. Building the Perfect Cargo Bike

    4 Comments BLAQ And tourists in Portland 029

    Better late than not…I suppose. Finally, got an up-close look at some of the Oregon Manifest Bikes at the Museum of Contemporary Craft. Seeing these bikes in a museum setting with fine crafts and a Nikki McClure exhibit in the … Continue reading