Other Xtracycle Models

 Xtracycle Free Radical

The FreeRadical is a bicycle extension that converts an existing road or mountain bike into a cargo-swallowing utility bike. Built of strong and light CroMoly steel, the FreeRadical is the game-changing bike innovation that ignited the cargo bike boom. Check to see if it will work with your bike here.

Base Frame $199 (shown above)

FreeRadical Kit $399 – includes base, racks, deck, and collars. 

We also have a full line of Xtracycle accessories in stock!

Xtracycle Tern Cargo Joe

A tremendous value. If you’re looking for an affordable but fun to ride Xtracycle bike, give this one a try. Not only does it boast a very stiff,  light, aluminum frame but it also folds. Yup you read that right, it folds. Why would you want a folding cargo bike, you ask? Well, if space is a premium where you park the bike – your apartment or office-  fold it down and you use less space.  Even if you don’t need a folding bike, the Tern Cargo Joe has all of the capability of any other Xtracycle and at only $899 SALE $849

Bike shown in photo (w/Running boards and Hooptie) - $1199 SALE $1149