2014 Xtracycle EdgeRunner


Xtracycle EdgeRunners now IN STOCK!


2014 EdgeRunners are now in stock! We’re offering a full line-up of our own custom options in addition to the stock Xtracycle bikes.


Stock Xtracycle  EdgeRunner Options

 Xtracycle offers three EdgeRunner models.  With each of those options, you can choose a Family or Cargo accessory package OR add accessories a la carte.  At Splendid Cycles we specialize in customizing bikes so, we’re happy to help you design the EdgeRunner that best fits your needs.


Xtracycle Models:

EdgeRunner 24D

Includes Shimano Acera components with Avid BB5 disc brakes.  In stock!  Starting at $1499.00*

EdgeRunner 27D 

Upgrades the 24D by adding Shimano Deore components, Avid BB7 disc brakes, and Ergon GP1 grips. In stock! Starting at $1899.00*

EdgeRunner 27D HD

Mid-season manufacture’rs upgrade Deore drive train with hydraulic disc brakes. Available in late April. Starting at $2099.oo*

EdgeRunner 27Dlux 

Upgrades the 27D by adding fenders, Shimano Deore hydraulic disc brakes, BioLogic Joule 3 dynamo hub, Bausch  & Muller Luxos U w/ USB headlight and B & M LED taillight.  This model available by special order. Starting at $2899.00*


Looking for an Electric EdgeRunner? See our Custom Options below!

*Includes complete bike, racks, and deck. Bags, fenders, and accessories extra.


Xtracycle Accessories

Family Package -The Family Package includes the Hoopite, U-tube footrests, and Kickback center stand.  $400

Freight Package - The Freight Package includes the X2 Bags and Kickback center stand. $400

Fenders – High quality metal fenders mades specifically for the EdgeRunner. $75.00

Other Accessories - Splendid Cycles stocks a full range of Xtracycle accessories. For complete details on accessory options we recommend visiting the Xtracycle website.

Custom Options:
Available Exclusively From Splendid Cycles


What makes our bikes different?

  1. Component options  not available from Xtracycle.  We offer 2 options with internal gear hubs,  2 with e-assist, and bikes with optimized gear ranges.
  2. We custom spec our bikes to optimize usefulness and performance.  This makes  it very easy to change stem, handlebar, saddle, pedals, grips, etc.
  3. A la carte accessory options gives you control over which items you buy.
  4. Professionally assembled from head to toe, including wheels hand-bulit by one of Portland’s top mechanics.


Custom Options

All of our Custom EdgeRunners are set up for comfort with a  sweep handlebar, plush seat, wide platform pedals, fenders, Schwalbe tires and Slime self sealing tubes. Prices  below also include V-racks, X1 Bags, 4 RackLocks, and your choice of either a FlightDeck or a SnapDeck. Don’t like those options? No worries, we’re happy to customize your bike for you.


EdgeRunner Primo 2 x 10—$2700

Shimano Tiagra 2 x 10 external drivetrain, hydraulic disc brakes,  Ergon BioKork Grips. With the 20″ rear wheel, it’s easy to get a low gear for heavy loads or hill climbing but hard to get a high enough gear to make pedaling at a cruising speed a comfortable prospect. We’ve solved that problem by spec-ing a road bike crankset  on the Primo 2 x 10. In addition, you’ll love the quality of the Shimano Tiagra drivetrain and SLX hydraulic disc brakes.

Primo with dynamo – Our EdgeRunner Primo 2 x10 with Alfine dynamo hub with Supernova E3 Pro II head and tail light – $3000

Read more about the 2 X 10 Primo gearing on our blog!

EdgeRunner Value Internal Gearing—$2500

Alfine 8 with cable disc brakes. Internal gearing is smooth and easy to use and an ideal match for a family bike. With a 308% gear range, the Alfine 8 offers a nice range of gears. We recommend it for folks that live in flat or rolling terrain or carry only moderate loads. In the wrong gear at a stop light? No problem, with the internal hub you can shift while waiting for the light and when you roll out, you’re in the right gear. No clunking or grinding, just off and pedaling.

Want full-time lighting? Add an Alfine dynamo hub with Supernova E3 Pro II head and tail light for an additional $350


EdgeRunner Primo Internal Gearing—$3000

Alfine 11 with hydraulic disc brakes and Biokork grips All of the ease of use found in the Alfine 8 but a broader range of gears – 409% – and with both lower low gear and higher gear to boot. We’ve matched the Alfine 11 drivetrain with hydraulic disc brakes which mean you’ll become spoiled stopping on a dime with only a little pressure on the brakes,  adding safety and enjoyment to your ride.

Add an Alfine dynamo hub with Supernova E3 Pro II head and tail light for an additional $350



Electric Assist EdgeRunners

EdgeRunner 24D with Falco eMotors 350W Hx-BB - $3000

EdgeRunner 27D with Falco eMotors 350W Hx-BB - $3400

Complete EdgeRunner with Falco eMotors 350 watt Hx motor, 36v.11.6 Ah Li-ion battery, and wireless console. Racks, X1 bags, and deck included.,


EdgeRunner 24D with BionX S 350 - $3600

EdgeRunner 27 D (w/ Avid BB7 disc brakes) with BionX S 350$4000

EdgeRunner 27D HD (hydraulic disc brakes)  with BionX S 350$4200

Spring Special

- save $300 on a 24D or 27D with BionX if purchased by April 30, 2014!

Complete bicycle with racks, X1 bags,  & deck. With the top-of-the-line BionX S 350 DX e-assist system.

EdgeRunner  Primo with BionX Electric Assist—$4600

Add the zippy 48 Volt BionX SL350 e-assist to the EdgeRunner Primo Zip is the operative word for this family wagon! With the elegant, efficient Tiagra gearing and the BionX premium system you’ll have so much fun riding with the family, the groceries, or just by yourself, that you’ll never want to drive again. The SL350 has a 25-35 mile range and lots of pep.

Add E-bike Supernova E3 head and tail light wired directly into the BionX battery for an additional $280