Kid’s Seats for Xtracycle Decks

Big Dummy 045awYepp Maxi Childseat 

For children 9-months to 6 years old, and up to 48 lbs. Available in a variety of colors. $200

EVA seat shell, quick release attachment (with lock & key), 5-point harness, and high-riding position to free up cargo space. Yepp Maxis are FlightDeck II compatible. If you don’t have a 2016 Xtracycle, you may not have a Flightdeck II.

 Xtracycle has produced a few different decks over the years: Snapdeck, Flightdeck, Flickdeck LT-I, Flightdeck LT II. Depending on the vintage of your deck, you may (or may not) need:

              1. A new deck – Snapdeck (wood deck) is not Yepp compatible. IF you have a wood deck, you will need a Flightdeck, Flightdeck LT- I or -II;
              2. An Yepp adapter. Yepp makes an EasyFit adapter, but the current model is not compatible with Xtracycle decks. The old Easyfit (pictured) will work but is not available new;
              3. An Xtracycle adapter. All 2016 Xtracycles will come with the LT2 deck, which requires adapters $25/seat or a pair for $40 Original Flightdecks require an EasyFit Adapter $30;
              4. Additional Superhooks and Racklocks. Some older bikes do not have the hardware considered necessary to make all attachments secure for child carrying. Six Superhooks (on Flightdeck, and LT-I) and 4 Racklocks on pre-2014 Xtracycles are recommended.

Bottomline, yes, lots to consider. If you’re not sure which model deck you have, please ask us to advise you on what you will need to use your Yepp seat safely.

Additionally, there are some tricks to know about fitting the footrests of the Yepp Maxi over or around your bags. Please ask for a demonstration when you’re in the shop so you can get the most of your bike!


Yepp miniYepp Mini Childseat also in stock $160









Magic Carpet LT-2 

Just about the best seat cushion – EVAH! Super easy to install (and remove) due to Velcro straps. Super comfy with dense foam and ergo design. And a great value at - $50

Also available in shorter, Mini Magic Carpet – $30