Trailers – Kid and Cargo Options

Burley Piccolo

We think this is the best option for kids ready to ride on a bike seat! Adjustable seat and handlebar height means growing kids will be comfortable.  The 7-speed shifter lets them learn to select gears and really help with the work of pedaling. The rack-hitch attachment, complete with patented aluminum ball-bearing guided hitch help make this one of the most stable and secure trailer-bikes around.



Splendid Commercial Trailer

Built on a Surly Bill Trailer platform, this trailer is available only at Splendid Cycles. Ideal for delivery of merchandise to customers, whether they’re in a brick and mortar location or on the street. Made from sheet aluminum, it’s lightweight, waterproof, tough and secure, and it can be modified for a variety uses. As pictured here - $2100

Let’s say you were a small business contemplating spending $23,000 on a new Ford Transit to deliver your goods…what if you spent $10,000 on a E-assit Bullitt with large/similar water proof box and one of these trailers and converted all of your nearby deliveries to be done by bike? Would you not save a pile of money in monthly overhead? Would the free PR you get from a rig like this rolling around your city/neighborhood be fairly significant? From our observations and research in the market, there is a fairly significant opportunity for forward-thinking business’s to save money and grow their PR.

This of course does not even consider inner-city parking and gridlock issues that can hit a company’s bottom line fairly significantly. A cargo bike that is 32″ wide will be able to roll anywhere and park on a sidewalk while unloading. And this rig is no slouch…the combined capacity of the bike and trailer approaches 80,000 cubic inches and 500 pounds…no, not equal to a Ford Transit, but pretty significant and nowhere near the liability in overhead.

For information about options, call or email Joel –, 503.954.2620   More photo’s here on FlickR

Surly Bill and Ted Trailers

Want to haul even more stuff?  Surly has just introduced the first heavy duty cargo trailer that is production made (not custom) of which we are aware.

Two different sizes, but both can carry 300 pounds!  Bill is the long one (63″ x 24″), and Ted (32″ x 24″) is the short bed (get it?  Bill has more letters than Ted, so it goes with the longer trailer).  The beds and hitch are constructed mainly of TIG-welded 4130 CroMoly steel and 304 stainless steel hardware where appropriate and ready to accept your customized decking, box, ar any cargo arrangement that meets your needs.

The beds include threaded eyelets for bolting down decking, corner posts, or creating other custom accessories using readily-accessible materials from your local hardware store, lumberyard or home improvement store.

Both trailers sport 16″ wheels and  a spiffy universal hitch with a proprietary axle skewer or thread-on axle nuts. The hitch works with full-suspension frames, disc brakes, rear racks and fenders. It adjusts to accommodate hub widths from 120 – 145mm and allows you to align the center line of the trailer on the center line of the bike. It will work with bikes that have wheels as small as 20″ and as large as 29″ while keeping the bed level with the ground. This is especially important when you are hauling long items that hang off the back of the trailer (lumber, tubing, ladders, etc.).

Ted - $950*

Bill – $1050*

*price includes hitch but no deck