Racks and Bags

Rear Racks

Axiom Journey Uni-fit Alu

For Bullitt cargo bikes, we recommend the Axiom Journey Uni-fit Alu. It’s a tough rack designed to fit disc brake bikes and provide ample heel clearance. $80









Rack mount seat collar for Bullitt 

An easy and secure way to mount a rack to your Bullitt. This seat collar provides the rack bosses needed to secure the rack struts to your bike properly. $10



Civia Cafe Disc Rack  Constructed from full tubular aluminum, this rack is designed from the ground up for commuting. It easily accommodates up to 40 pounds of gear. Fits most 26″ and 700C bikes with rack braze-ons.  Silver or Black $45  





Surly Nice Rack  A height-adjustable rack, enabling it to fit a wide variety wheel sizes while allowing you to move its center of gravity as low as possible for a more stable ride. The stainless steel hardware enables you to fit them to most rigid 26″ and 700c frames, and to forks equipped with drum, caliper, or cantilever brakes. $135



Roof Racks

Rocky Mount Tandem Mount

The Rocky Tandem is specifically made to carry extra-long bicycles but it carries standard-sized bikes as well. The pivoting fork mount makes it easy to lift the bike to your roof rack in stages: mount the fork, then swing the rear end up into the tray as the fork pivots into position. $350