We’ve selected what we think are some of the best light options on the market. The lights we sell are either economical and effective like the Planet Bike and Portland Design Works options OR they are out-of-this-world bright and have cool features like the rechargeable Light & Motion or dynamo hub-generated Supernova models.


Supernova Lighting Systems

Shimano Alfine Dynamo Front Wheel  This is a great option for those wanting to move beyond battery operated lights.

We have both black and silver (matching hubs/spokes/rims) 20″ and 26 ” wheels in stock.  $275



Supernova E3 Pro II High Powered Dynamo Light Besides looking pretty darn snazzy on the bike, the E3 blasts 370 Lumen of retina ripping LED light and works perfectly with the Alfine Dynamo.  What else makes this light worth the money? We keep pre-built Alfine Dynamo wheels in stock, so if whether you’re considering and upgrade to your new bike or a retrofit for your current bike, we can get you on the road with this superior system with a minimal wait. Features include:

E3 Triple

The shop favorite! With all of the quality in materials and manufacturing as the E3 Pro II but with 800 Lumen. This is one of the brightest dynamo lights available and certainly one of the nicest, with three LED bulbs and ingenious electronics. If you really want to see the road, this one is a winner! $300

E3 E-Bike

The best choice for electric assist systems with 6V compatibility, this light offers the same features as the E3 Pro II but runs off of a battery. $210


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E3 Tail Lights   A high-powered LED tail light that works in conjunction with your Supernova head light and dynamo.  The light comes from three high-powered LED bulbs that are wired directly in to the headlight.  This allows the 5 minute capacitor of the headlight to power the tail light for extra safety.   Not being satisfied with the mounting options of the E3 tail light, Splendid Cycles has built our own mount (pictured) that works on most bikes.  $70  

E3 E-Bike Tail Light – $90



Paul Components Stem Cap Light Mount

Need a nifty way to mount the light of your choice to the front of your Bullitt, Winther, or Metrofiets cargo bike? The Paul Components Stem Cap Light mount is the perfect solution. $35


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