Shimano STEPS


We’re excited to have the new Shimano STePS electric assist system on Bullitt cargo bikes, and Wallerang and Blix E-bikes. With fairly complete system integration (e-assist, electronic shifting, lights) this is one of the most intuitive systems available. This system has also proven itself to be one of the easiest to use and most trouble-free!


The new pink 008cropped



STEPS E8000 

Coming in 2018!

Shimano STEPS e8000 (e-assist system) – we’ve been waiting for this electric assist system to make its way to North America, and 2018 is the year it arrives. Shimano promotes this e-assist system primarily for mountain bikes. However, we all know that means it’s also an ideal match for cargo bikes and utility bikes, providing the range and power needed for urban and mountain adventures. We’ll have two bikes with this system in early 2018: the Bullitt STEPS and the Wallerang Tapper; read about them on our “2018 Bikes are Coming” page!



STEPS E8000 Features:



STEPS 6000


+High 418Wh capacity (36V, 11.6Ah)
+1000 charge cycles without significant power loss
+Charges in four hours

Shimano Di2 Alfine 8 Hub (on 2016 e-Bullitt and Wallerang)

+ Easy-to-use Alfine 8 internal gearing
+Durable construction and low maintenance requirements
+SHIMANO STEPS can also be used with a rear derailleur or standard internal hub gear

 Drive Unit

+Weighs just 3.2kg – one of the lightest units on the market
+Intelligent power assistance gives an easy, natural feeling
+With START MODE (Di2 only), automatically shifts down to a lower gear as you stop ready for an easy start


Computer Console

Standard bike computer functions:

Multiple mounting options, with different angles and positions. Also easy to adjust settings and preferenc