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More About EcoSpeed

Splendid Cycles has the ability to retrofit Bullitt, Winther, and Metrofiets cargo bikes with the EcoSpeed Mountain Drive system. We work directly with EcoSpeed to develop your custom system and install it on your cargo bike.

After testing the very first EcoSpeed Bullitt cargo bike for most of the 2011 winter and 600 miles of urban riding, all we can say is WOW!  The Ecospeed system is a game changer for heavy duty cargo bikes.

The 1000 watt motor can provide unparalleled horsepower for long hill climbs, or heavy loads on flatter terrain, and even enough horsepower to pull a heavily loaded trailer behind your heavily loaded cargo bike.  In an urban setting where distances are shorter, bike lanes and bike boulevards common and traffic and parking an issue, a heavy-duty cargo bike like a Metrofiets or Bullitt with an Ecospeed can replace a small pick-up truck or compact car for only pennies per day of energy.  But, even the “light-weight” Bullitt can feel heavy when you venture onto steep hills.

So what is someone to do if they have to travel in hilly destinations like say the West Hills of Portland, Capital Hill in Seattle, or on Russian Hill in San Francisco and want to use a cargo bike instead of a car, van or truck AND are not a hardened athlete?  Until the EcoSpeed came along your only option was to build legs of steel, blow your knees, or walk the bike.  But not any more.  The EcoSpeed will easily take a loaded cargo bike up a 1000′ vertical hill with the rider pedaling at a moderate pace.  Like we said before, a Game Changer!

Here’s a sweet little video made by our friends at EcoSpeed.