BionX Warranty

3-year warrantyRegular 2-Year Warranty

The BionX warranty covers a two (2) year period, starting on the date of purchase, for all parts of the BionX propulsion systems. The warranty is valid to the first owner, covers material and manufacturer defects, and requires that warranty repairs are performed by an authorized BionX agent. The warranty can be void under a variety of circumstances (opening the battery case, for example).The BionX warranty verbiage can be found on page 31-32 of the User’s Manual. If you haven’t read the User’s Manual, we highly recommend doing so. In addition, to lots of great info on how to optimize your BionX system, it has all of the details on your warranty.

Free 1-year Warranty Extension

Turn your 2-year warranty into a 3-year warranty!

BionX offers a free 1-year warranty extension to the regular 2-year warranty, which is valid globally for retrofit kits as well as select manufacturers of complete bikes powered by BionX.

The warranty extension is free and eligible for the first owner only. The extended warranty requires:

If you  have any questions about the warranty before or after the purchase of a BionX bike/kit, please don’t hesitate to contact us.