BionX Benefits

Surly Ogre w BionXSplendid Cycles is an authorized BionX dealer, and we have quite a bit of experience fitting BionX systems onto a variety of bikes.  Whether you own a cargo bike, mountain bike, hybrid, road bike, or recumbent, we can advise you on the right BionX set-up for your bike and your riding style.

Electric Assist from BionX

BionX from Canada  makes the best pedaling e-assist systems on the planet right now.  Their pedal-assist systems are known for their smooth ride and quiet operation-that’s right,  no noise!

Our favorite feature?  Regenerative braking!  Each time you pull the brake levers, the regenerative mode kicks in and the motor starts to put energy back into the battery for extending your range.  BionX offers 4 regenerative settings to use when descending hills too. That allows you to charge the battery and use the brakes less.  Now how smart is that!

BionX offers a broad range of products and we’re happy to talk with you and help you determine which system is best for you and your bike.

The rider can control the amount of assistance by choosing one of four assistance levels on the small LCD screen mounted to 2014 ER 24D BionXthe handlebars. While some electric assist systems give a herky-jerky feel of power-on power-off sensation, the BionX is a smooth operator while providing plenty of horsepower to push a bike or cargo bike up steep hills.BionX continues to innovate and refine their systems.   The BionX systems are pedal assist, meaning they operate without the use of a throttle.  Instead of a throttle, the system senses that you are pedaling and gives you some assistance.


Fun to ride. The beautiful thing with this system is that it still feels and rides like a bike. It retains the best aspects of bicycling: the exercise, the feeling of wind through your hair, and the silent beauty  (yes, the BionX is virtually silent) of moving down the road at a moderate speed.  Realize that you still have to pedal (just not always as hard as you would without assist). We find that a bike with a Bionx system installed is a practical idea for many…and imminently appropriate for the heavier duty applications like cargo bikes meant for family hauling or work.

Some other things we like about the BionX:

Increase your average speed.  Go faster with less effort.  This adds a tremendous amount of convenience for riding around town.  Many cyclists still depend on cars for their convenience.  With e-assist its possible to eliminate car trips that are justified by time savings, long distances, or low-energy moods – approaching the convenience of a car.

Increase the distance traveled compared to a regular bicycle.  With BionX e-assist you can expect 20-40 miles of riding per battery charge.  Trips that took too much time or effort on a regular bike are no longer an issue.  Riders can also cover greater distances due to decreased travel time.

Save Money. Because an e-assist bike can eliminate convenience-based auto trips, you can reduce your annual auto expenses substantially. More trips by bike means less gas to buy. Compared to a car, the cost of electricity per charge is less than 10 cents!  A car goes through 10 cent of fuel just in the first few seconds out of the garage. For some that increased car mileage can mean lower insurance rates too.

Increased safety. BionX e-assist gets you across intersections more quickly so you  are out of the way of oncoming traffic. The electric assist also helps overcome the little extra work of running the safer BIG tires.  So we can say e-assist can add to your safety.

Less sweat!  When commuting in work clothes, you can exert a little less physical effort and not drench your nice clothes in perspiration.  This is  helpful even in winter time when all suited-up in rain gear.

Optional throttle. BionX is not meant to be ridden like a moped but, the throttle gives you an extra boost when you need it most. Hairy street crossing? Use the throttle. Feeling under the weather? Use the throttle. Need a quick boost up a short hill? Use that throttle.

Regenerative braking and mode. While it is extremely difficult (some would say impossible) to fully recharge your battery using the regenerative mode, you can use it to optimize a battery charge. But, what we like most about it is that it also serves the function of a drag brake. Similar to downshifting in a car, using the regenerative mode on a descent will reduce your need to tap the brakes and that gives you a smoother more manageable ride.

There are 2 ways to utilize this feature.

1)Every time you pull the brake levers the system first turns the assist off but then turns the motor into an alternator and starts putting power back into the battery just like you find on a hybrid car.  So instead of wasting the kinetic energy of slowing a bike in motion, the BionX systems seek to capture the momentum and extend the range of the battery.

2) Another way you can utilize the re-gen is to engage the re-gen by switching it on for longer downhills.  This is the preferred way so you don’t have to ride the brakes all the way down a hill but instead let the motor slow the speed of the bike while charging the battery.  Far from a gimmick, the BionX regeneration mode works with reports of one Splendid Cycles customer getting 70+ miles out of one charge on a Bullitt cargo bike simply by not being in too much of hurry, using the lower levels of assistance on the flats, and attempting to capture as much energy back into the battery on the descents ….AMAZING wouldn’t you say?

More questions? If you’d like more information about adding BionX to your bike, give us a call or stop by and we can answer all of your questions.

You’re Invited.

We’d like to extend a personal invitation to come by and ride one.  We guarantee that you will be grinning ear to ear after a ride on one these.  Even if you are not in the market for an e-assist bike, come ride it.  Just plain fun we think.