XT e8000 STePS


Bullitt e8000 STEPS stock photo


Shimano STePS seems not to get the attention other e-systems get and we’ve been puzzled by that. Our experience with the STePS 6000 has been fantastic. The system is one of the least problematic e-assist systems we’ve worked with. Up until now, our primary complaint about STePs 6000 was that it had minimal torque needed for a cargo bike: fine for many situations but not all. The STePS XT 8000 addresses that and more!

Retail Price on the E8000 Bullitt is $6500.

Needless to say that we are stoked about the new STePs e8000 Bullitt  We think this bike will prove to be one of the hottest e-cargo bikes available.

Steps-MTB-components stock photoHere’s why:

1. It’s built on a Bullitt frame. We have the utmost regard and respect for the Larry Vs Harry developer/engineer who created this bike. Not only is it well-designed but the manufacturing standards are equally high. Since the first Bullitt came off the production line in in 2007, LvH has kept pace with the latest technology and continued to refine the frame to keep it THE most versatile cargo bike around.

2. Top quality components throughout. Shimano XT has long had the reputation of the best component level for the money. Sure, there are more expensive-higher quality parts but, for a cargo bike XT has the best bang for the buck where cargo bikes are concerned. Durability, reliability, easy braking, and smooth and snappy shifting, are its trademark. And as a cool added bonus, American made Thomson seatpost, stem, and handlebar embellish this stellar bike’s cockpit.

3. e8000 STePS. The e8000 STePS offers a 350 watt, motor that gives 70 Nm of torque. The high capacity 504 watt-hour battery adds only 5.77 pounds. The result is a reliable, powerful, and high range cargo bike that you’ll fall in love with.


We have a full color pallet of e8000 STePS Bullitts in stock. And, the first reviews are in: “It’s just a delight, it feels so easy!” “Wow, what a bike!” “It’s everything I’d hoped it would be.” We have a lovely Bluebird built up and ready for test rides, so if you’re curious come on by and take one out for a test ride.