Bullitt Color Options

Bullitt frames are available in a variety of colors.

FullSizeRender (10)

Many of these bikes also have matching side panels; color-coordinate or mix and match to personalize your Bullitt.

       bullitts 001t    

   Milk Plus (White)              Clockwork Orange               Race (Green)


bullitts 018a            mj bike 004aw

Classic (Black)                       Pepper                                      Bluebird                 


                  Bullitt Sugar 004a
Submarine (yellow)                Lizzard King                                Sugar (brown)


a2013 raw         Bullitt Classic 004a

   Raw (Unpainted)                 Matte Black


Note: If you’d like to see more photos of a certain color, check out our Flickr page.  We’re also happy to email photos to you.