Bullitt Cargo Bike Accessories

Bullitt Parking Cover by Blaq Design

No Garage. No worries! Splendid Cycles now has a parking cover just for Bullitt Cargo Bikes. This tough but lightweight nylon cover fits almost any cargo hold configuration. Its Velcro straps anchor the cover to each wheel, and a heavy-duty buckle fits under the bottom bracket to assure that the cover protects your bike on even the gustiest days. $175



Cargo Box Options Exclusively from Splendid Cycles 

Deluxe Wood Box. For an eye-popping Bullitt cargo box and kid carrier we’ve employed the craftsmanship of Portland artist and unicyclist, Jeff Lautner. In addition to the many artistic touches, this solid box is functional and durable. Each box has unique decorative detailing and is constructed from marine-grade plywood and sustainable harvested specialty woods. It weighs under 23 pounds, has removable padded seats, and shoulder straps for two kids. Box-loads of charm for only $750. A  custom-made Rain Canopy for this box is available too $300 (see below).

Triple Wood Box

A wider version of the our Deluxe Wood Box. Same great features and styling as the Deluxe Wood Box but with belts and room for 3 kiddos!

Just like the Deluxe, the artistic detailing varies on each box – in other words, the box you get may not have the same decorative details as the box pictured here.





Splendid Rain Canopy for Bullitts. 

Providing ample head room for passengers and keeping them protected from wind and rain, this cover is a must in rainy climates. Made in Portland, Oregon, by BLAQ Designs, this canopy uses the design pioneered and made available to us by Joe D. of Joe Bike. The Splendid Rain Canopy is lightweight, tough, easy to install and available only through Splendid Cycles.

Bullitt Side Panel or Deluxe Wood Box Canopy – $300

Triple Wood Box Canopy- $350



Tonneau Cover for Deluxe Wood Box

Made in Portland, Oregon by Blaq Design, this tough nylon this cover is a rugged as it is versatile. Use it to completely cover the box, keeping contents out of sight and the weather, or open it to the snap to act as a spray skirt for wee passengers on days when a full Rain Canopy is too much.  $150





Alloy Trunk Box for Bullitts. This nifty little box is just right for running errands or packing up for a weekend away. Weighing in at less than 12 pounds, but with a roomy 6000 cubic inches of storage,   it fits neatly onto the Bullitt deck, locks, and protects your possessions from the weather. $600
(bungees extra)



Alloy Box 12/18 for Bullitt cargo bikes - This lightweight Alloy Box is 18 inches wide (the same width as the Bullitt deck) about 18 pounds, and 12,000 cubic inches of cargo space. Powder coat matte finish is perfect for branding with your company logo. Lockable, water-tight, and tough! Also, locally sourced – Forest Grove, Oregon.  Saying these boxes are crafted by a journeyman metalworker is an understatement.  $800




Alloy Box 16/24 This tough, light (21 lbs), 24-inch wide box yields about 16000 cubic inches of storage.Waterproof and lockable but even more spacious than the Alloy Box 12/18 and the AluBox. Also, more locally sourced – Forest Grove, Oregon.  Saying these boxes are crafted by a journeyman metalworker is an understatement.   $800 (RAW-unfinished as shown)/$850 w/ black powder coat



 Other Bullitt Cargo Options

Bullitt Deck Plate
This accessory is optional when you use any of the box configurations, but mandatory with the lightweight side panels and kids seat.  Made out of aluminum honeycomb sandwiched between aluminum, and covered with a rubberized no skid surface. It is both strong, light and waterproof. $250

Bullitt Lightweight Side Panels & Child Carrier  
This is a very lightweight and high tech child seat engineered to fit onto the deck plate of your Bullitt. After seeing lots of these in action, we can honestly say it is worth the price; it is well designed and made of very high quality materials.  Every child and (and small adult-yes that’s right) that has ridden in it seem to return from the test ride all smiles. The complete kit includes child seat with waist belt, raincover, and side panels.
Complete Child Carrier – $805*
*Note: does not include required deck plate


A La Carte Options:

    •      Side panels w/ raincover - $450
    •      Kids seat w/ 2 lap belts - $300
    •      Shoulder Harness for Child Seat$55

Click here for detailed pictures



 Larry Vs Harry’s Bullitt Kid Canopy

The ultimate in kid cabs! Lightweight yet sturdy, this canopy adapts easily to any weather with its mesh wind/sun panels and vinyl rain cover.  Designed to fit with the Bullitt deck plate and kid seat, your kids will ride in style and comfort. Canopy price - $550 (deck and seat are extra).


Bullitt Billboard    This accessory is for commercial purposes.  Picture  your company logo or custom message on the panel, now that’s cost-effective marketing. Available in black or white. $100

Steering Damper for Bullitt or Winther Wallaroo  Not required, but comes in handy for the heavy duty user, the aggressive rider, or those that frequent hills or pave’. This damping mechanism will add steering stability to your Bullitt.  $200


Splendid Front Deck Pannier Mount
This handy alloy bar provides a convenient mounting location for a pannier or other rack-mounting bags. $40






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