We’ve selected what we think are some of the best light options on the market. The lights we sell are either economical and effective OR they are out-of-this-world bright Light & Motion or Supernova models.

Nip E-light

Light & Motion

Tuck E-lightNip & Tuck  E-bike Light Set - we’re really excited to be partnering with Light & Motion (L & M) to offer E-bike lights made for the US market. If you don’t know L & M, you’re introduction to their products is overdue! We’ve been fans of their rechargeable lights for years and jumped for joy when they introduced the Nip and Tuck, their e-bike compatible head and tail lights.

Features include:

Nip, Tuck, and Mounting Brackets – $170




Supernova Lighting SystemsWe believe in Supernova lights – there’s few that are equal in quality, craftsmanship, light quality, and price. All of our Supernova lights come with a 5-Year Warranty from the manufacturer, but it is unlikely you’ll need it.

Dynamo Lights


light supernova pure

Supernova E3 Pure 3 - $200

The quality lighting you expect from Supernova without premium pricing. This 205 lumen light is for dynamo hubs only, e-assist bikes require a different light (see e-light section below). Matte black only. 

In spite of its extremely small size, the E3 PURE 3 is one of the brightest bicycle lights available. The lamp´s innovative inner housing design directs the heat of the LED straight to the cooling fins for maximum brightness. Permanent daylight running light and stand light provide added security day and night. The light is sealed completely watertight.



E3 Triple

Barb’s pick for dynamo hubs! With top-notch quality in materials and manufacturing this 640 Lumen light is one of the brightest dynamo lights available and certainly one of the nicest. With three LED bulbs and ingenious electronics you REALLY see the road! This one is a winner! $300

E-System Compatible Lightslight supernova pure
E3 E-bike V6s (Pure)Headlight -$200
The E-bike version of the Pure dynamo light but with165 lumens. A great  choice for electric assist systems with 6V compatibility, this light offers the same features as the E3 Pro II but runs off of a battery.



Supernova Tail Lights

E3 Tail Lights (dynamo or E-light) A high-powered LED tail light that works in conjunction with your Supernova head light . The light comes from three high-powered LED bulbs that are wired directly in to the headlight. This allows the 5 minute capacitor of the headlight to power the tail light for extra safety. Not being satisfied with the mounting options of the E3 tail light, Splendid Cycles has built our own mount that works on most bikes. $75

Splendid Supernova Tail light Mounts

Large – for mounting on brake bridge - $25

Small – for mounting on rear racks that have light fittings. – $25

Shimano Alfine Dynamo Front Wheel This is a great option for those wanting to move beyond battery operated lights.