Bike Customization

Bullitt versatility rider position

We have a variety of accessories on hand to help outfit your new cargo bike including lights, fenders, racks, tires, saddles, handlebars, and more. We can’t list every accessory we stock so, this page features our most popular accessories for customizing cargo bikes we set up in-house. 


Custom Cargo Bike Cockpit Configuration

Most Bullitt and Big Dummys we sell are built-to-order. That means, for no additional expense you get to choose how you configure your cargo bike’s cockpit . Whether upright or aggressive, it’s your choice, and that means you get the fit you want not what the manufacturer dictates.



HB collage 1

Handlebars and Stem 

We have several stock handlebars which are available at no extra charge on Bullitt or Big Dummy custom cargo bike builds, and an minimal cost on stock bikes.

Pair one of these with your stem of choice.

Don’t know what’s the right bar or stem for you? Need to fit more than one rider? No problem. We have years of experience fitting bikes and customizing cargo bikes and can help you select the perfect set-up for your new bike. The five stock bars are shown below.

If you don’t see the one that fits your fancy please let us know. We have other handlebars, such as Jones Bars, in stock and can give you a custom quote on an upgrade.





Most of our custom bikes can also be spec’d with long or short seat posts. Whether 6’6″ or 4’11″ we can help you build a bike that fits. We’re happy to advise you on which length will be best for you. If you’d like a higher quality we can also source Thomson seatposts for the price difference between it and our stock posts.


We try to use stock saddles with broad appeal but if  those options are not to your liking, we also stock a variety of Brooks saddles. Brooks saddles are a great compliment to any cargo bike. Durable, comfortable, and classy, they are the perfect upgrade for a bike you’ll want to ride everyday. Again, if you choose a Brooks, or your own personal favorite from home, we only charge for what gets installed on your bike.




Kid Seats (for Xtracycle decks) Yepp is THE Xtracycle-compatible kid seat. Yepp seats are known for their quality and durability making them a great investment for your kid hauling adventures. We stock a rainbow of Yepp Maxi and Mini seats.


Other Popular Accessories

Lights  Full time lights are not just a good idea.  They are a brilliant idea, and we carry only the best quality and brightest lights for dynamo hubs and e-assist bikes. Click on the “Lights” link and see a full page of info about brightening your ride.

Locks You invested in a quality bike, be sure to secure it properly! We recommend the best security you can afford to assure that your bike stays yours. In addition to the locks listed below, you may also want to replace quick releases with bolt-on skewers. And, owning a good lock doesn’t make your bike 100% theft proof. Knowing how to use the lock and using common sense in high-theft areas is also required. We’re happy to go into greater detail with you when you purchase your bike. Let us help you keep your bike safe. Our preference is a system with two levels of security: cafe-friendly and bombproof… Abus Wheel Lockabus-protectus-5000-lock The perfect cafe lock. This lock mounts to the rear seat stays of the Bullitts or MK-1s and securely locks the rear wheel to keep unauthorized users from riding off on your bike. We still recommend a U-lock for theft-prone locations but this lock is ideal for coffee shop or city park stops. $50






Rear Rack axiom raclk We stock and recommend one rack for Bullitt cargo bikes: Axiom’s Journey Uni-Fit MK3. We’ve tried other racks and none competes in quality, load capacity, and heal clearance- $80




Crane Brass Bell A bell as pretty to look at as it is to hear. Loud but not obnoxious, it’s a very handy item on the bike path or roadway.  $20