Splendid Cycles stocks the best family bike, cargo bike, and electric assist solutions.  We focus on serving the very specific needs of customers looking for a bicycle purpose-built for carrying adults,  kids, and cargo, by providing top-of-the-line products and service. If you want to rely more on bikes and less on motorized vehicles we have a great selection of cargo bikes from which to choose – Bullitts, Riese & Müller, XtraCycle EdgeRunners, Surly Big Dummys, Butchers & Bicycles Mk-1′s and more: ALL IN STOCK and ready to TEST RIDE! Click on the links below to get more information about the products we carry.

Bullitts 036           img01tw           Child cover

 Bullitt Cargo Bikes                    Butchers & Bicycles                   Riese & Müller            


           D500           HB collage 1

Bullitt Accessories                      Electric Assist                     Bike Customizations            


Big Dummy special a                    ER 10E collage2

 Big Dummy                        Xtracycles                                Xtracycle Accessories