Business By Cargo Bike

Have you been thinking about a cargo bike for your business? We think that’s a splendid idea. 

Benefits to Your Business

Cost-effective. Cargo bikes make good sense for pick-up and delivery in a smaller local area. Cargo bikes  are significantly cheaper on a dollars-per-mile basis than a motor vehicle. If you think about it, a car, truck or van doing deliveries within a couple of miles of your business is exponentially more expensive than a cargo bike doing the same route.

Lovejoy Bakers

Energy efficient. Cargo bikes are significantly greener too; zero emissions make cargo bikes the green choice.

Nimble. Cargo bikes move quickly from destination to destination in congested areas AND with no-hassle parking. In many cases it’s also not really that much faster to use a motor vehicle when you factor in traffic and parking issues.


Great PR. A cargo bike set-up for delivery and embellished with your logo, brand colors, and /or signage shouts out to potential customers that your business is unique. If you’re one of the business’ going green and utilizing cargo bikes, you’ll stand out in a crowded marketplace as forward thinking and be the recipient of significant amounts of free PR as your bike travels the streets. Eye-catching no matter what, but if you have a unique product or brand you may even make national news.

Morale Booster. Riding a quality cargo bike is fun, makes delivery work more enjoyable, lower stress, and makes for healthier employees.

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…what’s the right cargo bike for your business? We would love to help you figure that out. Contact us to arrange a consultation or demonstration of the possibilities.