About Us

Shop front 012Splendid Cycles is an importer and retail shop selling the world’s finest cargo bikes and electric assist bicycles to our customers in Portland and beyond.  Since few shops have our expertise and selection, customers from all over North America have found us and we have customers in nearly every state and province.

While we are not conveniently located for everybody and we cannot replace your LBS (Local Bike Shop), we can however be your LCBS (Local Cargo Bike Shop) as we have figured out all of the details and logistics of helping people from afar. We have affordable shipping rates that deliver fully-assembled bikes to your door (within the continental USA).

We’re small but our vision for the world is grand.   Its a vision of more people using bikes to meet their daily needs. It’s a vision of people discovering a simpler life with a slower pace. It’s a vision of daily actions that contribute to personal, community, and planetary health. It’s a vision that inspired Splendid Cycles.

We are dedicated to helping manifest that dream by offering product, knowledge, and expertise that helps people to shift toward reliance on the active transportation.


What makes us different?

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Only Utility Bikes: We like to say, “We’re a niche within a niche.” As soon as you walk in the door, you’ll know we’re different. We focus exclusively on cargo bikes and cargo bike accessories so we don’t look or operate like a typical bike shop.

Personal attention: Cargo and utility bike customers are our top priority so we’re able to give you our full attention and answer all of your questions. That means you  are able to make an informed decision when considering which bike best meets your needs.

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We Like to Customize: While we have pre-built bikes we take pride in having the ability, knowledge, and dedication, to help you customize your bike. Whether your new bike needs a different stem or drive train upgrade, we’re happy to consult and customize your bike to make it just the way you like it.

Top quality products:  A cargo bike is a once-in-a-lifetime investment so buying a quality product pays off over the long term. We’ve stocked our store with only the best bikes and accessories available. You can be assured that the bike you buy at Splendid Cycles is well-engineered and built to last.

Meet Our Staff


What’s With those Crazy Hours and Store Closures?

We strive to deliver top-notch service to our customers. You, our customers, are why we do what we do.  Helping you, seeing cargo bikes transform your lives, and…oh, my, how you give back by supporting us; it all keeps us going. But, as wonderful as our job here is, we are committed to striking the work-home balance that sustains our ability to bring our A-game to Splendid Cycles.

In order to do that, we have to carve time out for ourselves. Since we have a small staff, and the two of the full-time folks are married (to each other), that means we have to close from time to time to follow some of our other dreams. We know that can be inconvenient for our customers, especially those traveling from out-of-town to visit us. We regret that and apologize that we can’t be here 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Until we’re bigger and have the staff to take care of customers while we’re away, we’ll continue to have periodic closures-sometimes due to work, other times for play.  So, be sure to check our website (the bottom, right column of the front page) before you plan your trip to our shop. We hope you understand.


Larry vs Harry Bullitt Affilate Dealers

Splendid Cycles not only sells Larry vs Harry Bullitt cargo bikes from our cozy store in Portland, Oregon, but we’re also the West Coast Bullitt Distributor. Through our affiliate Bullitt Dealers you’ll find some of the same great bikes and Bullitt accessories hopefully at a location closer to you.