2018 Bikes are Coming

We’re excited about what we see in the world of cargo bikes and e-bikes for 2018. Not every brand nor every bike is changing for 2018, and for some models the changes are hardly worth a mention (a different model wheel lock for example), however, as the interest in cargo bikes and e-bikes grows the bike industry is refining and adding brands and features. The following are some of the new comers and model changes we’ll be seeing at Splendid Cycles very soon.


Shimano STEPS e8000 (e-assist system) – we’ve been waiting for this electric assist system to make its way to North America, and 2018 is the year it arrives. Shimano promotes this e-assist system primarily for mountain bikes. However, we all know that means it’s also an ideal match for cargo bikes and utility bikes, providing the range and power needed for urban and mountain adventures. We’ll have two bikes with this system: the Bullitt STEPS and the Wallerang Tapper; read about them below!


Tern GSD – NEW in 2018

We’ll be stocking the Tern GSD (Get Stuff Done). We get excited about all of the bikes we carry but we are SUPER excited to become a Tern dealer and have the Tern GSD in stock. The GSD may be compact in size (about the same wheel base as a conventional bike), but we see it as a fully capable cargo bike, or as Tern says, “Enormously Useful. Surprisingly Small.” With a sturdy compact frame built around 20″ wheels front and rear, the Tern frame is stiff (a beneficial feature in any cargo bike) and has a low stand-over height.  Adjustable stem and quick release seatpost mean that fitting all riders in the family is as easy as pie!

But, it takes more than a stout frame to make a good cargo bike, for longtail bikes cargo-carrying accessories to fit the bike are a must…and, Tern really got it right. This bike can be set up to carry kids, or just as easily to carry cargo. Tern created a range of accessories to fit on the bike as well as making it compatible with other popular accessories such as Yepp kid seats and standard panniers.

Finally, the bike boasts a Bosch Performance drive e-assist system so you know you’ll get where you’re going no matter the load. We especially like that the GSD is dual battery-ready. If you decide you need more range you can add a second Bosch battery and travel up to 150 miles on a single charge!

The Tern GSD is scheduled for February 2018 arrival. We have quite a few on order but if you’d like to reserve one, let us know as we expect these bikes to sell like hotcakes.


Bullitt e8000 STEPS stock photoBullitt – New E-system and components – THEY’VE ARRIVED!!!


Bullitt XT e8000 STePS is the e-assist Bulllitt we’ve been waiting for since 2010 (when we opened)! IF you’ve followed us at all or read our Blog, you know that we LOOOVVVVEEE the Larry vs Harry Bullitt. Nothing beats the nimble handling of a Bullitt, other than a Bullitt with e-assist. Finally the bike has the quality, torque, and range, that Bullitt riders demand. Whether you’re dodging traffic or touring in the mountains, this new electric assist Bullitt will be hard to beat.

Several stock Bullitt colors are available, although with the hard-to-fault set up on this bike, we’re already some. So, if you’ve been waiting to get the best e-Bullitt ever, don’t wait too long!

Roadster Mixte


Riese & Müller

Much of the Riese and Müller line is holding steady with minor changes but two 2018 R & M bikes of note include the Roadster Mixte and the Packster 40.

Roadster Mixte added in 2018

The agile handling of the Roadster means miles of fun. In 2018 the Roadster Mixte arrives. This sporty bike has been a favorite for city and recreational cyclists. Now, it’s available in a step-through frame too. More accessory options are also available for this bike such as the frame-mounted front rack.

Estimated arrival February 2018



NEW – Packster 40 

An extremely practical, compact front-loader, offering an optional child seat that can easily be folded down into the footwell of the box, creating a sizable cargo area in an instant. The Packster 40 is a compact yet giant hero of day-to-day life.





Everyone’s favorite Minivan – the Xtracycle 10E  – will have more options in 2018. Currently, it’s only available with the Bosch Performance Line e-assist system. In 2018, a higher torque Performance CX system will be available. This is great news for those needing extra motor-muscle on steep hills. Perhaps, higher speed is your wish. Well, that will be an option on 2018 Xtracycles. Or is it more range you’re hoping for? Yes, you’ll be able to select dual battery models too!

In addition Xtracycle’s 2017 hit the Swoop will be available in an e-assist option in 2018.

Watch for the launch of these new Xtracycle products mid-winter.



We’re excited about new developments from Walleräng, including their new WMS, or Walleräng Modular System, as well as a a couple of new models: the Tjugo and the Tapper

Wallerang WMSWMS provides an innovative way to customize your bike extending its versatility and functionality. A variety of accessories including front and rear racks and baskets allow you to select the “just right” option to fit your lifestyle.

Tjugo NEW in 2018 The Tjugo’s 20″ wheels create a compact wheel base and WMS makes it the perfectly practical urban bike. Easy to ride, easy to store in small spaces, and easy to enjoy; a great option in the compact urban e-bike category!

Tapper NEW in 2018

The Tapper  brings a perfect combination between an adventure and everyday commuting E-Bike. The Shimano STEPS E8000 drive unit gives you the extra push up the mountain, and the WMS makes it possible to bring all year gear, even to the top. The high comfort combination between the RockShox suspension and the wide Super Moto-X tires from Schwalbe gives you also the perfect city character to this bike.

These bikes are available to order now and will be in stock in the shop by February 2018.